Sunday, May 13, 2012

How Lucky can you get?

My sister in law is about the luckiest person I know. Seems like every time she buys a raffle ticket she wins. She goes to a casino, and comes out a BIG winner. I can't even win a dollar on a scratch ticket.

WE WON! And we are having the time of our lives! Linda and Nancy won a weekend in Bermuda! They were flown down on a private jet and are GOLD CLUB MEMBERS  at the Hamilton Princess!  FABULOUS!!!

Read below the article that appeared in the Cape Cod Times.

How lucky can you get???

My sister in law and her friend went to a benefit auction and her lucky ticket was drawn by the former Boston Bruins hockey players Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson. Everyone had to show up with a packed bag and a valid passport. There were numerous nice prizes including tickets to a Red Sox game. I know Linda and Nancy are having a fantastic Mother's Day. :-) Have fun girls!!!

Happy Mother's Day


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