Sunday, May 6, 2012

Toilet Paper roll small gift/money holder

toilet paper gift hanger2 

My artsy project that I did yesterday. I need to make several money or small, gift card holders, and since I have been saving empty cardboard toilet paper rolls in what seems forever, I figured why not use some of those rolls up.

Friday was another cool, damp, spring day. I didn't have to take my parents to any appointments and so I took a ride to the Crop Shop in Rockland. I hadn't been their since the first of the year. I bought some papers, a 6 x 6 paper stack that had lovely papers. I also picked up a spray bottle of Goosebumps texture spray. I wasn't even sure what to do with this product, and I certainly need to experiment some more with it. Right now, I'm not sure what I think of this product.  Read about it here...Goosebumps texture spray

goosebumps texture spray

I rubber stamped one of my favorite Acey Duecy stamps in black memories ink on plain copy paper. I water colored the image, let it dry and then spray the Goosebumps texture spray onto the image. I had the nozzle pretty close to the paper. The image is glossy and thick.

Then I glued flattened the toilet paper roll, made sure the creases were flat. Used my UHU glue stick to really cover the roll and then I glued my scrapbook paper to it. I stapled the bottom closed, glued on ecru colored lace.  I don't think it showed up well, but I had some handmade paper that is full of holes and fibrous. I then glued pieces of that to the front and back. I water colored some white paper flowers, stamped on the larger flower, glued the flowers together, and sprayed Goosebumps to finish it off.  I'm not sure I like that flower, and may replace it with another one. Finally, I then glued on my rubber stamped image, and added a ribbon for hanging.

This afternoon, I went to visit my son, d-i-l, Robin and Bella. When I got home I found a wonderful surprise on my door step. What was my surprise? A double white clematis plant (Duchess of Edinburgh). My friend, Betty Ann ordered one for me and one for her. I hope this plant survives and is as beautiful as the one Betty Ann has in her yard. I have wanted a double white clematis for a long time, but haven't been able to find one.  I will post pictures when my plant blooms.

Well, that's it...2 post in one day.



Joanne Huffman said...

Such elegance and beauty out of such humble beginnings!

Barb said...

How unique !
Luv your blog header - lovely.