Friday, May 11, 2012

Hectic Day

fluff Puff 1 w collar

Yesterday morning, my kitty, Fluff Puff wasn't acting right. I checked him over, but couldn't find anything obvious, that is until I felt his belly. I felt 2 large areas near  his back legs that were bulging and felt fluid filled . Oh no!!! What happened to kitty???

So, I called the vets office and they told me to bring kitty right down. After an exam they told me they were going to keep him to do tests, because they couldn't see anything other than feel those bulging areas on his belly. I hated leaving Fluff, but I knew he was in good hands.

I came home and worried. While waiting for the vet to call back and let me know what they found I cut out material for 2 pillow cases.

Around 2 p.m., I finally got the phone call, and they told me that after they shaved his belly they could see his belly was badly bruised, and he had what looked liked bite marks. The swollen area had to be opened to be cleaned out and so he needed to be anesthesia and stitches. Fluff was also given injections for pain, infection and a rabies booster vaccine. I think Fluff was attacked by a big yellow, male cat that I've seen around from time to time.

Fluff came home with a collar so he can't get at the stitches on his belly and is on a 45 day in house quarantine, because we don't know what bit him. This morning Fluff is doing much better, but still not liking his blue collar.

Today, I finished sewing one pillow case a little while ago. I love birds and I found this bird fabric at Wal Mart for $3 a yard. The material has a nice feel to it. I made the cuff smaller on this pillow case. The pillow case is folded so I could take a picture of it.

pillowcase 2nd birds w green cuff

I will sew the other pillow case later today or tomorrow.

I had to make 2 ATC's with a shoe theme for a swap in an online group An Affair with Art. I used water colors and was surprised on the purplish ATC with the almost heart shape that appeared as the paint was drying. The saying was part of a bigger rubber stamp, and wouldn't fit on a ATC. I had stamp it and cut it down to fit.

atc AAWA shoes 2

atc AAWA shoes1


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Joanne Huffman said...

Poor Fluff Puff! I hope he recovers quickly. The ATCs aare adorable and the pillowcase is charming.