Thursday, June 28, 2012

ATC and Holder

ATC games stamped on polished stone tech
I created a polished stone background on glossy card stock.
Then rubber stamped an image from Stamper's Anonymous onto the ATC.
Next I cut out a pattern for a folder and traced it onto a piece of double sided card stock. The pattern was found in the book from Designs Originals, Trading Cards Techniques & ATC's
ATC folder pattern wide center
I sponged a few colors of Adirondack  inks onto the light side of the double sided scrapbook paper. I then rubber stamped an image on the front of the folder. I had some brown see thru ribbon with rosettes on it so I cut one of the rosettes out and glued it to the front. ( hard to see that the rosette is see thru in this photo) 
  atc decorated holder w brown flower ribbon 

To finish, I then glued an old Lotto game piece to the center of the ribbon.

ATC inside folder

ATC games on polished stone and holder 

Earlier in the day I took a ride to Rockland to the scrapbook store The Crop Shop and on the way home I stopped to take photos of a Hexagon shaped old home in North Pembroke.  I absolutely love this 6 sided house.
Hexagon house 3 sides view front of home that you can see the three front sides
Hexagon house w fence2 Hexagon house door side 3 window on the front of house, front door is on the left side
Hexagon house N. Pembroke1 front and right side of Hexagon house, and the addition to the home in back
In Plympton and on the Cape there are round houses that I would love to see what they look like inside. I've always wondered if round houses have corners in the rooms.


Joanne Huffman said...

I like both the ATC card and the holder. The hexagon house looks cool. I've never seen a round house, but think there must be corners inside, maybe rounded corners to keep the theme.

Tammy D said...

The holder is a very good idea. I love what you did with them. The house is super cool. I wonder if you freaked the people out in the house. We had someone taking pictures of our house last week and I was freaked. They left before I got outside to see why.

Elaine Akers said...

Tammy...the house is for sale and no one was home. :-)