Sunday, June 3, 2012

Graduation Themed Photo album

Katies graduation book front cover
hard to see but I put a B and an R (for Bridgewater Raynham High School) on the corners of the 2012 layered accent piece on the cover.

Yesterday afternoon I decided if I was going to give my granddaughter, Katie a handmade graduation themed photo album, then I better get on the stick and stop procrastinating. I had thoughts of creating this album for months and I had been buying themed paper and stickers for quite sometime, but I just never got it started.
I thought I had finally finished my project late last night, but this morning I remembered that I had bought a couple of sheets of Bridgewater Raynham High School themed paper from the scrapbook store in Bridgewater before it closed.  The photo journal has 9 pages for now. Depending how many photo's Katie wants to put in her album I can always add more pages.                                                                           The book is 9  3/4 x 6 1/2 inches. I made a rectangular book so more photos would easily fit on the pages. BR's school colors are red and white. I didn't take photos of the plain red pages in the album. I left the pages mostly blank, but I will decorate the pages as the photos are added. I didn't find a lot of graduation themed papers when I was looking, and I'm glad I had bought some last year.
I plan on bringing my photo printer to hook up to my camera so I can print out pictures as I take them and add them to the album at the party this afternoon.
Katies graduation book front covercover
Katies graduation book  red page inside cover1inside front cover left side
Katies graduation book The big day pagepage to the right
Katies graduation book inside front covernext page- left side
Katies graduation book  BR pageBridgewater Raynham page- right side page
 Katies graduation book  BR page BR page- left
  Katies graduation book double page BR  hats page to the right
  Katies graduation book go confidently to the right of this page is a red page
Katies graduation book double page hatsdouble page of hats..special memories
Katies graduation book hats hats off on the right, red
Katies graduation book hats and red pagepage to the left
Katies graduation book swirl pagepage to the left, hats off to the left like the paper above
Katies graduation book lnext to last page on my wayThe graduate paper on the left side
 Katies graduation book last page on my way    inside back cover
The back cover of the book is red.
I went to a frame shop and bought scrap pieces of mat board that I cut down to the size I wanted for my pages.
I'm glad the album was finished in time. What do you think of it?


Nancy B said...

I love to scrapbook and that is how I got into all the paper arts! Your album looks wonderful.

Joanne Huffman said...

What a thoughtful gift!