Saturday, June 30, 2012

Buzzards, Dragonfly and Art

You must be wondering what the heck that title means. :-)
Well, that is what I am sharing with all of you this beautiful Saturday morning.
Buzzards N.Carver23 buzzards in the top of this tree

First off..the buzzards. Yesterday morning it rained and I had to take my mom to the doctors in Plymouth. On the way to the doctors we passed a swamp with lots of dead trees in North Carver, on route 58. This swamp seems to attract a big flock of buzzards on rainy days. I spotted the buzzards flying overhead, and then as I got further down the road in the swamp perched in the dead trees. I was running a little late, but made a quick stop to see if I could get a photo or two.  I was quite some distance from where the birds were, but I decided to try anyway. Unfortunately, I was facing into the light so the photos are dark. I only focused on one tree so there were only a few birds in that tree, but there had to be at least 50 buzzards sitting in the trees in that swamp. Some of the birds sit in the trees with their wings spread out as if to dry them.
 buzzards N.Carver1Buzzards N.Carver3
Okay, enough about these ugly, big, birds.

This morning I was out in the garden barefoot, checking our tomato plants, when I spotted a different looking dragonfly. I ran into the house to grab my camera, and then the chase was on. If you can picture running thru the garden around the tomato cages, barefoot and in my PJ's in pursuit of this dragonfly, as he kept flying away as I got close to it.                                              My husband uses leaves for mulch, and there were twigs and what not in those leaves..ouch, my poor feet, but I didn't give up. (LOL) Finally, I got close enough to snap 2 photos as it rested on one of the tomato cages. I think this dragonfly has beautiful wings. Click on the photos for a closer look at the wings.  dragonfly barred wings1 dragonfly barred wings3
And, finally some art to share. The stamps and paper I used are from Stampin Up.
Su brown polka dot friend card
AAWA June 2012 inspiration mingle flowers the flower is a silk flower that added extra petals and then I needle felted the center, using wool roving and iridescent strands of Angelina fibers.I did this card for a swap that we had to use a flower on the card.

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Joanne Huffman said...

The buzzards look ominous. The dragonflies look magical. The cards are sweet (I really love the felted centered flower).