Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Laugh for the Day

I came home this afternoon and as I drove closer to my driveway, I thought..what the heck is on my lawn??????
As I pulled into the yard there was a big sign and 5 pink plastic flamingo's under our Mountain Ash tree. I was cracking up laughing as I walked over to read the sign.
If you click on the photo's you can read the sign. To get the flock removed from the yard you must make a donation to support a Relay for Life team, and the bigger the donation you make you can get a flock of flamingos put on some one else's front lawn. Now, to figure out who had this flock put on my front lawn and who I am going to pass along the flamingo flock to. (LOL) Beware, you maybe next. :-)

  you've been flocked2 you've been flocked1
you've been flocked3
you've been flocked1    youve been flocked 5   
I thought this flock was pretty funny. What would you think coming home to find the big pink birds on your front lawn?


Anonymous said...

OMG Elaine, that is so darn funny !!!!!!
Liane :-)

Barbara Hagerty said...

Oh wow, Elaine! That's a really creative way to raise money. I'd never heard of or seen it before. How fun, and funny. I think I might have a few friends over for a picnic with the flamingos before the flock moves on.