Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rainy Saturday

It has rained off and on all day today, which is a good thing. We needed the rain, and it has washed away all of the yellow pollen.
This afternoon I started working on a project that I should have completed a long time ago, but the procrastinator that I am, here I am rushing at the last minute. I will share photos tomorrow of my finished project.
Late this afternoon, I had to make a quick run to Michael's to pick up a few more scrapbook papers and stickers. While at Michael's I bought all the UHU glue sticks they had on clearance..the small normally $1.99 glue sticks were marked down to 49 cents..I bought the 6 they had left. I also bought the last 10 of the large UHU glue sticks that normally sell for $3.99 each for $1.99. I love UHU glue sticks and I'm hoping that this doesn't mean Michaels will no longer carry these, as they are the best glue sticks.
When I got back from Michaels I had just closed the door, when I heard a commotion from birds outside. I opened the door to see 5 baby tufted titmice learning how to fly for the first time. The were landing on my SUV, but sliding off the side of the roof into puddles, landing on the wires on the side of the house, the broom on the porch. I tried to get pictures, but it was raining hard, the wind was blowing and I had a hard time zooming in on the little birds as they were flapping all over the place.  See photo below.
baby titmouse learning to fly 6.2.12
The babies finally all flew into the big cherry tree and the parents found them. What a racket the parents and babies made. Then, after all of the little ones were in one spot, quick as a flash they all flew off, and I haven't seen them since. I think it was a good thing that it was raining and no stray cats were around at the time, or those babies might have been in big trouble. I was thrilled to able to see their first flights and watch as they tested their little wings and then fly away with the parents.
The other day 2 adult cardinals came to my feeder, and I heard noise..there were 4 fledgling baby cardinals sitting nearby in the Rose of Sharon tree squawking to be fed. So darn cute! I couldn't get a photo, because when I went outside they all flew off.

Yesterday, Fluffpuff went back to the vets to get his 2nd set of stitches removed. This time he had healed nicely. Fluff was happy to get his soft collar off.

Well, I need to get back to work to finish up my project and get things ready for my granddaughter's high school graduation tomorrow.

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Joanne Huffman said...

This sounds so cool: I've never seen baby birds learning to fly.