Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coffee Break

earrings 6.5.2012 coffe cup jewelry 
coffee cup and saucer earrings and necklace
earrings 6.5.2012 coffee cups and saucer necklace 
  earrings 6.5.2012 coffee cup jewelry on terra cotta mug
coffee cup/saucer earrings and necklace. Hard to photograph, but the cups have handles. The centers of the cups are brown to look like they are filled with coffee. The earrings are the size of a penny.
This is my second post today. I didn't feel like going out on this dreary, cool day, and I decided I would make some earrings. 
I bought the coffee cup charms  several years back at a bead store on the Cape in Falmouth. When I saw them, I bought all of what they had.  I have seen other cup and saucer charms, but none like these.
When I came across them in one of my bead boxes this morning I decided to make them into earrings and a necklace. Aren't they cute?
earrings 6.5.2012 crystal turq and purple  crystal earrings..beads are a light turquoise with iridescent purple
earrings 6.5.2012 black and white starburst

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Joanne Huffman said...

Delightful and enchanting jewelry.