Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time for another R&R..getaway

It's after 4 p.m., and I got home a little bit ago. I left the house at 9 this morning to take my parents to doctor appointments, and then grocery shopping. I stayed at their house until 3:30 P.M when the next shift of care givers arrived. I just finished downloading photos from my camera for your viewing pleasure, or at least I hope you like the pictures I took.
I have been away for several days. I decided to go spend some time on Cape Cod with my cousins. My Cape cousins and I had planned on driving out to Ohio to visit another cousin last week, but that didn't work out. I got an invite to spend several days with my cousins on the Cape, and I decided to go. I left the house Friday morning. The weather was iffy and I almost decided not to go, because the forecast called for rain. I'm glad I went as I always have a wonderful time.
7.29.12 robin in mulberry tree capea robin singing on a branch of the Mulberry tree in my cousins backyard..Friday
We didn't do much of anything on Saturday and Sunday, because the weather wasn't the greatest..dark, windy and looked like it was going to rain at any minute. So, we stayed in and watched the Olympics. We did get heavy rain that night.
Sunday morning after my cousin delivered flowers to the church we went out for breakfast, and then took a ride to Veteran's Beach, Hyannis. The Hyannis Yacht Club was having a sailing regatta there. Part of the beach was filled with boats waiting to be launched. Catamarans were also racing and there were several of those too.
Sailing regatta 7.30.12 boats not yet in the water3 waiting to be launched
Sailing regatta 7.30.12 boats not yet in the water4taking turns getting the boats into the water..ocean side
Sailing regatta 7.30.12 boats1 getting the boats into the water. You can see how stormy the sky looked. It was a good day for sailing as their was a stiff wind.
Sailing regatta 7.30.12 boats far out waitingusing my zoom lens..the boats were way off in the distance waiting for all the boats to get into the water and to the starting point of the race
Sailing regatta 7.30.12 boats2 Sailing regatta 7.30.12 boats6  
After all the boats were in the water, we went down the road to Kalmus Beach to see if we could get a better view.
Monday...the weather was absolutely perfect..there was a  breeze, it was sunny and warm with no humidity. We decided to go to Chatham. On our way to Chatham Light, we stopped, parked and walked to stop in the little shops along Main St, Chatham. I had never taken the time to go in the shops. The shops had so many interesting things. Something for every budget.
   Alice in Wonderland watch1 7.31.12 alice in wonderland watch2
I found this neat Alice in Wonderland wrist watch in Yankee Ingenuity. I am debating on going back to buy this watch.  There were so many wonderful items offered for sale. I loved this store. I also found some Kliban cat items there. I did buy a turquoise bracelet. I usually don't buy jewelry, because I can make it myself.
7.31.12 loteria mirrorthought this mirror with lotteria cards was cool. I have several decks of lotteria cards.
Kliban cat christmas book  Kliban cat christmas book
Kliban cat coloring book
  Kliban cat memory game Kliban cat memory game2 memory game
I had never noticed that there was a Ben Franklin craft store in Chatham.
7.31.12 Ben Franklin store front
We stopped in..the store had a little of supplies, yarn, house wares, shades, tools, rubber stamps, stickers, scrapbooking supplies and paper, fabric, threads, buttons, embroidery floss, the list goes on and on. Great place to browse and I will be going back.
7.31.12 Chatham hydrangea main st saw these beautiful hydrangeas on Main St. This hydrangea  was  1/2 dark blue and 1/2 dark purple. So beautiful!
In a candy store on Main Street (Candy Manor) , I stocked up on Teaberry chewing gum. I am always delighted when I find this gum I so enjoyed growing up.

We finally got to the Chatham Light Beach. It was low tide when we arrived. Lots of people were on the beach enjoying the gorgeous beach day.
  7.30.12 Chatham light beach2 7.30.12 Chatham light beach3 7.30.12 Chatham light beach dunes7 white caps in the distance, sand, dune grass, small dunes 
7.30.12 Chatham light looking at the dunes1
7.30.12 Chatham light beach dunes8 7.30.12 Chatham light beach dunes9 7.30.12 Chatham light beach sand bar4 you can see the sand bar because it was low tide. The seals were in the shallow waters near the sand bar. Great White sharks had been sighted on Friday near the seals.
7.30.12 Chatham light beach seal near sand bar1 seal..head bobbing in the water
7.30.12 Chatham light beach seal near sand bar2 I don't have a fancy digital camera but I was able to zoom in enough way out in the water to snap this photo of 3 seals
7.30.12 Chatham light beach seal near sand bar3 4 seals resting in the water and on the sand bar
7.30.12 Chatham light beach seal near sand bar5 
After seal watching, we headed to Kate's Seafood and Ice Cream stand for some clam fritters. Kate's is located on Rte.6 - A at Paine's Creek Road, Brewster, MA.
7.31.12 Kates sign
7.31.12 Kates menu there is another location by the same owners..Liam's, at Nauset Beach Road, East Orleans, MA.
7.31.12 Kates clam fritters The clam fritters are just the best. The ice cream at Kate's is really good too.
When our order was ready, we went down the road to Paine's Creek Beach, to eat our fritters. The beach area there is great for kids.

Coming home  (Monday afternoon 7.31.2012)
I stopped in another store that I have passed a bazillion times and never stopped. Wonderful displays and great items for sale. I had seen this store featured on a travel channel featuring Cape Cod businesses. Lovely!
Harvest of Barnstable
 7.31.12 Harvest of Barnstable store 7.31.2012 black eyed susans beautiful, sunny, brown eyed Susan's near the entrance
7.31.12 Harvest of Barnstable wreath outside storeshell wreath near the door
 7.31.12 Harvest of Barnstable jingles treeI thought this tree made of Jingle shells and a star fish was pretty, but then again, I love Jingles.                   At Harvest, I bought 2 bracelets. The store is set up beautifully inside with so many wonderful items. Most items are hand crafted on site.
Leaving Harvest, I drove home on 6-A, and stopped to look at fabric at Tumbleweeds Quilt shop. I bought a yard of Day of the Dead fabric below. They also had this fabric in Black and White, but I liked the colorful fabric much better. The only drawback is that it is an all over print. 
7.31.12 day of the dead fabric
I also bought 13- 1/8 th yard pieces of fabric that are rolled and kept in a kids swimming pool (itty bits). Great assortment. I found some fall leaves, beach themed, cat, mice, Christmas, horse and batiks. These small pieces are wonderful for small projects.
7.31.12 itty bits fabric
I also picked up 2 cowboy boot charms
7.31.12 cowboy boot charms
Leaving Tumbleweeds,  I continued driving on 6-A heading to the Bourne Bridge to get home.
I didn't get very far, on Rte. 6-A, Sandwich, MA., I had to make a stop, as I spotted 2 young osprey sitting on the telephone wires.
Below is the nest on the top of a telephone pole.
7.31.12 osprey nest on telephone pole6
7.31.12 osprey mother on tree branch5  Mama osprey was at the top of tree off in the distance
7.31.12 young 2 ospreys on wire8 I couldn't believe it when I saw 2 young osprey that hatched this year sitting on the wires not far from their nest. I parked my vehicle, got out and snapped some photos. It was another gray day with sprinkles of rain coming down every now and again. The birds were still sitting on the wire when I left.
7.31.12 young 2 ospreys on wire9 7.31.12 young osprey on wire eye view4 7.31.12 young osprey on wire facing ahead7
7.31.12 young osprey on wire wings head turned3
 7.31.12 young osprey on wire wings spread1
7.31.12 young osprey on wire wings spread2
I was thrilled to see these young birds. I watched them from the side of the road for about 1/2 hour. click on the photos for better viewing. Seeing these young birds made my day.
My last stop was in Wareham, on Rte. 28..I ran into WalMart and then the Stop n Shop grocery store to pick up a few things before heading home.
I had a wonderful time visiting with my cousins, as I always do.
I hope you enjoyed my photos. I've had pizza dough rising, and now it's time to make pizza for our supper.
Tomorrow, I will make one for my parents and aunt.
Until next time.....


Joanne Huffman said...

It looks like you had a great time. Love the photos.

Linda said...


Awesome photos! I am so glad you got to go and have some fun!! Have a great week! I will be up on my blog hopefully this weekend. XO

Barbara said...

Loved your day Elaine, on the Cape where I last visited 49 years ago on our honeymoon. The ospreys are tending young here on the Jersey coast as well. Great photos, thanks for taking the time to post them all.

Nancy B said...

Beautiful beach photos! I'll bet that Kathy would have loved that fabric! Wish I could taste those clam fritters. I've never had those before.