Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Cape Cod getaway

Hi everyone..I was away for 5 days and just got back home this afternoon. My cousins down the Cape invited me to come for a visit and I couldn't refuse.
Wednesday.. I stopped in little shops along 6-A before I went to my cousins house.
Thursday... we drove to Provincetown for the annual parade..this years parade theme was Outer Space. Next year the theme will be Viva Las Vegas. After the parade we drove to the Provincetown beach.  Lots of beautiful sailboats were enjoying the gorgeous weather.
Provincetown beach w sailboat2.8.16.2012 Provincetown beach w sailboat.8.16.2012
Thank goodness for a good zoom on my digital camera, because the lighthouse is way off in the distance from the road.
Provincetown Lighthouse taken across the marsh1 lots of marsh Provincetown Lighthouse taken across the marsh2 Provincetown Lighthouse taken across the marsh3 Provincetown Lighthouse taken across the marsh4
Friday.. we just drove around the Cape. One of our stops was at Heartbeat Quilt Shop, and found that the store will be closing sometime the end of September beginning of October. I was told that owner was
closing the shop because she had been in business for a long time and wanted more time for herself. Helen also recently had surgery and was getting married. I'm sad that the shop is closing, but wish Helen the best of luck. She will still be teaching classes and will continue to create designs for her fabric line.
Heartbeat quilts storefront
How sad! I loved this fabric store.  I bought some Laurel Burch fabrics.
Laurel Birch fabric Heartbeat quilts 8.12 
Friday morning we went to The Ed Gorey House Museum, 8 Strawberry Lane, Yarmouth Port, MA. I had gone past his house many, many times over the years but had never stopped. Friday was an open house with free admission so we stopped in. I loved looking at all the display cases with his wonderful mail art envelopes that he sent out throughout the years.
I love Ed Goreys drawings of cats, and I have several of the images that were made into rubber stamps. Ed was an artist, playwright, author, illustrator, set and costume designer. Click here for more info...Edward Gorey House and Museum
More....Ed Gorey
Ed Gorey House sign
Ed Gorey house cat in doorwayI love his cat drawings, and have several of his images that had been made into rubber stamps.
Ed Gorey house cat brochureEd Gorey house front doorway w man and catfront door
Ed Gorey House front of house1 front of houseEd Gorey house back yard with topiary    back yard with a topiary in the image of one of his illustrations ...The Doubtful Guest

Ed Gorey House front of house2 frontEd Gorey house magnolia blossom open 2 Ed Gorey house magnolia blossom open w ant huge southern magnolia bloom with an ant
Ed Gorey house magnolia blossom unopened2 bud
Ed Gorey house magnolia blossom unopened
Ed Gorey house magnolia seed head after petals drop
Ed Gorey house magnolia seed head2 Ed Gorey house plaque southern magnolia Ed Gorey House side of house w magnolia tree Ed Gorey House side of house w magnolia tree2 southern magnolia that is taller than the 2 story house in the back yard.
Ed Gorey House side of house w magnolia tree3 
I never realized that Southern Magnolia trees grew this far north as I have only seen the saucer magnolias in our area of Massachusetts. After seeing this huge tree in the back of the Gorey house I guess they can take the cold. The blooms were just beautiful and the tree was enormous!
Every Friday throughout the summer starting June 29-August 31 there are 4 different places of interest that offer free admission. If I hadn't been on the Cape, I would have gone to the visit the New Bedford Whaling Museum 18 Johnny Cake Hill,  New Bedford, MA., because there was also free admission there today. If you've never been to the Whaling Museum, it is very interesting, and how brave those whalers must have been to go out in search of whales. Links below...
I will write more tomorrow.

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Barbara said...

I've said before how much I love the cape, and your photos always remind me. Haven't seen it in almost fifty years tho, not since our honeymoon. Thank you, from what i see, I'd still love it!