Monday, August 6, 2012

Some little projects started

polished stone2 8.6.12
First...thank you to those who have left comments and sent emails with prayers for my parents and myself.
I took my mom to visit Dad yesterday afternoon. Dad hasn't got much rest in the hospital, because they are always coming in to draw blood. other than that he is doing well and  has had no further chest pain.
His blood level was 22 when he was admitted, after a unit of blood it went up to 27 but he is still bleeding. Yesterday after we left they were going to hang another unit of blood because the blood was still low.
Dad called me this morning, to let me know that he was waiting for them to wheel him down to have an endoscopy to check his esophagus and stomach to find where he was bleeding. He was in good spirits and wants to come home.
I was planning on taking my mom to the hospital this afternoon, but my brother who had been in Maine wanted to Mom when he went up to see Dad this afternoon. So I decided I would just stay home and just relax. 
Update..Monday evening...during an endoscopy they found the source of my Dad's bleeding. A vein in his stomach. The doctor cauterized the vein. He tolerated the procedure well and is resting in his room. No complaints other than he is tired and his arms and hands are black and blue from so many blood draws.

I haven't attempted any art projects in awhile and wanted to work on some easy and fast projects. I decided to make a few sheets of polished stone paper. I wasn't happy with the results of half of the papers I did. Click on the photo above and below for a better look. I love the papers on the left in both photos, and the papers on the right came out just so so. You just never know how the colors will  turn out until the alcohol and inks dries.
polished 1stone papers 8.6.12
I also cut down several pieces of mat board as I want to make a Halloween themed book. If I don't start working on the book now, it just might not get done. I will start cutting out papers to cover the books pages in just a bit.
That's it for now,


Barbara said...

I love the one on the right! :)

Joanne Huffman said...

I think that making component parts for art is always a good way to spend time, I actually like both the right and left sheets.