Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another Cape Cod getaway...continued

Saturday morning Cheryl and I took a ride down 6-A to Sandwich. We headed to the East End of the Canal where we stopped and had lunch of lobster rolls and French fries. We heard on the radio that there were several dolphins stranded in Wellfleet Harbor. So we changed directions and headed to Wellfleet. By the time we arrived at the harbor the dolphins had just been rescued and were gone..Bummer!!!

Here are a few pictures that I took while at the Harbor.

 Wellfleet 8.18.2012 harbor1

Wellfleet 8.18.2012 harbor3

Wellfleet 8.18.2012 harbor2  Wellfleet 8.18.2012 horseshoe crab shell there were several shells from dead horseshoe crabs on the beach near the pier. While beachcombing I picked up a lot of flat (bottoms) of oyster shells. I want to make ornaments with them.

Wellfleet 8.18.2012 horseshoe crab shell2

After leaving the harbor and just down the road we stopped at a gift shop that had lots of mermaid items.

Wellfleet 8.18.2012 face on tree at gift shopcool tree trunk in the gift shop/fish market yard

Wellfleet 8.18.2012 osprey on nest osprey on nest that we saw while on our drive

We were also too late to see the humpback whale that had been tangled in line in Chatham Harbor get rescued and released. The news reports stated that the same whale had been rescued last month.

Later in the afternoon we drove to Dennis to Tony's Go Carts to see my granddaughters. My oldest son, his girlfriend Kelley and her sons friend were staying in Dennis for the weekend at Kelley's parent's 2nd home.

Tony Kent go carts..lily and katie thumbs up 12 Lily and Katie having a great time

Tony Kent go carts..lily and katie 12

Tony Kent go carts..lily katie3

Tony Kent go carts..Jake1 JakeTony Kent go carts..Jake 9 JakeTony Kent go carts..Jake. friend2 Jake's friend and Jake in the yellow car

Tony Kent go carts..lily and katie 11 Tony Kent go carts..lily katie friend5   Tony Kent go carts..lily katie jake friend 7

Tony Kent go carts..Tommy .Jake even the big guy gets in on the fun.

Tony Kent go carts..lily and katie horsing around 9    Horsing around

Tony Kent go carts..lily jeep 10Long legged Lily riding the Jeep

Sunday ...we just hung out at my cousins until late afternoon and then we went back to Kelley's parents house in Dennis. We ordered seafood from Captain Frosty's. I enjoyed my shrimp plate. We then headed to Corporation Beach in Dennis to watch the sunset.

Corporation Beach family 2sunset photo  Corporation Beach family sunset photo Corporation Beach Foley family non rainbow sunset photo 8.19.12

The weirdest thing happened before sunset as the sky was starting to darken...a small open area of the sky had a partial rainbow, but the rainbow didn't show up in the photo, but you could see it with the naked eye.

Corporation Beach Foley family non rainbow sunset photo.2. 8.19.12 Corporation Beach Foley family sunset photo 8.19.12 Kelley with her twin boysCorporation Beach sunset Katie and Lily 2...8.19

Corporation Beach sunset Katie and LilyTommy3...8.19Tommy, Lily and Katie

Corporation Beach sunset kids photo.8.19.12 The kids sitting on poor Jake

Corporation Beach sunset Lily cartwheels1...8.19

Corporation Beach sunset Lily cartwheels4...8.19

 Corporation Beach sunset Lily cartwheels2...8.19wish I could still do cartwheels

Corporation Beach sunset Lily cartwheels3...8.19 

Corporation Beach sunset Katie and Lily ..8.19  

Corporation Beach family 4sunset photo


Corporation Beach sunset photo3pink sky..., water and sunset..sky blue pink

Corporation Beach sunset photo1... sun going downCorporation Beach sunset photo2...  gone

I always enjoy my time spent on Cape Cod.


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Joanne Huffman said...

Sorry you missed the dolphins and the whale. The harbor looks really nice, though. I like the horseshoe crab pictures - I haven't seen one of those in years (that's what I get for moving to the midwest). Fun shots of your family.