Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cutting out Fabric

canvas Halloween fabric book cover panel 2 I found this Halloween fabric at Joann's yesterday. The Halloween fabrics were 30% off.

Canvas Halloween fabric panel5panel of Halloween fabric that I cut out to use on a Canvas Book

canvas Halloween fabric  cover assembled 4 the fabrics need to be pressed. The pages in my book will be doubled, but first I want to stitch the Halloween panel to the cover.

canvas Halloween fabric book1 cover lying over 3- double pages of off white canvas material.

canvas Halloween fabric book off white canvas page 3  off white canvas. Needs to be pressed. Years ago I bought 3 yards of this 60 inch wide canvas for $3.00.

I didn't feel like sewing the book together today, but I'm happy to have all my fabric cut out and ready to sew. Once the book is stitched together, I will add some color to the pages with inks. Inside the book cardstock and pockets can be glued in. I will add more photos when the book is finished.

I have a second book cut out with the same Halloween fabric cover, only the second book is slightly smaller.

I also cut out Halloween fabric to make a pillow case, but that will also be sewn another day. This fabric was also on sale.Pillow case Halloween print fabric1 an all over Halloween print, orange and black fabric to finish the pillow case off.



Joanne Huffman said...

Great Halloween images. It's surprising how soon Halloween will be here.

Barbara said...

I look forward to your Halloween projects each year, now to see this coming together puts me in the mood for fall!