Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Saturday of yard sales that I found some nice finds

Their was a neighborhood yard sale this morning. Did I need anything? Of course not, but before I left to do errands I had to have a go see if there was anything I couldn't live without. I am so glad that I went and looked to see what was being sold.
At my next door neighbors I bought a little maple drop leaf accent table for $5.00.  I will probably give it to someone in the family.
 Then at the next neighbors house, I found a solid, irredescent glass angel  that is approximately 4 inches tall for $1.00. I bought it to use as a topper on a glass garden totem project.
I then went across the street, and for $5.00 I bought a used, stand up Kitchenaide food mixer with all the attachments and stainless steel bowl that has a handle. The mixer is white with a red stripe on the head of the mixer. I was told by my neighbor that it works. I took it home, cleaned it up, and yes indeed it does work perfectly. I already own a Kitchenaide mixer, but I couldn't leave this mixer there for that price.
Even if I would have known that the mixer didn't work the bowl and attachments are worth many times the $5.00. I couldn't believe the price, and that it was still there at 10:30 when the yard sale started at 9 a.m..
I paid for the mixer, but left it at the neighbors until I got home from running errands. After I bought it, I guess 5 other people saw it and wanted  to buy it.

I then walked over to another neighbors yard, and found some polymer clay books. One was priced 25cents and the other two that I bought were 50 cents each.
At this table they also had a brand new crafting pasta machine to use with polymer clay, but I already had one, so didn't buy it.

I then went up town and did my errands. Stopped in 2 antique stores, but I didn't find anything that was in the price range that I was willing to spend. I did buy two pieces of old linens for $2.00 total.
Then, on to the next yard sale that will benefit Christmas Wishes.
I found a brand new book for 10 cents that has all kinds of decorative birthday cake shapes to make for kids. When I got it home, and took the shrink wrap off, I found some really cute cakes in that book. The book itself is shaped liked a birthday cake.
My other 10 cent finds were a new hand sewn pot holder filled with balsam wood shavings. Smells so nice.
A wood mounted PSX stamp of a sheep. I will send that on to a friend. Also a new package of 50 assorted size safety pins. And, my best find at that yard sale was... for $1.00, a vintage bakelite shoe horn with an E intial on the handle.
But, the mixer was the best find of the day, don't you think? Woohoo!

Now, I have to put a chicken roasting in the oven for our supper. While that is cooking I want to bring out the sewing machine and make some fabric postcards.
It has just started to rain. Drats, it had been warm and sunny earlier in the day.
I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.


Diann said...

What a fantastic day of yard sales and great finds for you! I'd have loved to have been right there with you! Diann

Tamara Putvin said...

Wow great yard sale finds Elaine.. Good for you..