Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Nature themed lottery swap

I belong to the yahoo group, Art Haven, and every month there is a lottery. Anyone who wants to submit something they created related to that month's theme has a chance of winning everything at the end of the month. Then, the winner gets to chose the theme for the following months lottery.
 The theme for June is nature.
I decided to make a pin. I started with a silk flower, to which I added wool roving and angelina fibers and felted the fibers to the center of the flower. I then drew a pattern for my leaves onto fabric, cut them out, stitched them, and filled them with some batting for puffiness. I hand stitched veins down the center of each leaf. The flower was then  stitched  to the leaves, and  a pin back was added. I hope whomever wins my submission will enjoy wearing it on a blazer or jacket.

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Patti G. said...

Very darling Elaine......and I hope you win the bunch of goodies! What would you pick as a theme for the next month if you did?