Saturday, June 19, 2010

More yard sale Bargains

tall blue floral vase I bought to use as part of a garden totem

 all of these scrapbooking journals in boxes and tins, blank board books for $1
and the tan fabric that you can see is over 2 yards of wool-$1

last weeks Kitchenaide mixer $5 find
irredescent glass angel for use on the top of a garden totem that I found last week.

Yes, I decided to go out to some yard sales again this morning.It was such a gorgeous day, and I got such great bargains last week. I think this is getting addicting!!! The thrill of the hunt. (LOL)
I just love finding these useful bargains at such wonderful prices.  It had been a long time since I went to yard sales on Saturday mornings. I love finding craft items and nice glass.


Kerry said...

Love the vase and great find on all the journals! I used to love going out on yard sales, think I'll have to start again!

Susan said...

What wonderful bargains! I wish I had time to garage sale... That mixer is a find!