Monday, June 21, 2010

My Hydrangea's are just starting to turn color

Hydrangea's are one of my favorite flowers. About 5 years ago I took cuttings from one of my older Blue mophead hydrangea plants. I nursed those 18  little cuttings thru the winter, and the following spring when the root system was well established, and I hardened the plants off, I planted them along one edge of the side yard and gave some away to friends.
This year all of the hydrangea that I have started are going to bloom. The flowers are starting to turn from white to blue. My Lace hydrangea is just starting to bloom too, but I don't think they are as pretty.
These blue hydrangea are mostly in the shade, and they are further along than my hydrangeas that get full sun.
In the 3rd photo...the birdhouse that is on the pole had a pair of tufted titmice build a nest of moss, and raised a brood. The babies have now flown from the nest.
You can't really tell from this picture, but the hydrangea's go all the way to end of the property. There are clematis plants below the birdhouse that are getting ready to bloom again.

I have a few other hydrangea's in the yard that have never bloomed since I bought them with flower heads on them, and they are also full of blossoms. Maybe it was all the rain we had this spring. Whatever the cause, I can't wait to see them all in full bloom. One was dark pink and the other was a mauve color. I hope they are that color when they bloom.
Pretty, don't you think?
Happy Summer Soltice!


Patti G. said...

Just lovely!!!!!!!! I thought I read somewhere that the acidity in the soil is what makes the blooms the color they are! Hmmmmmmmm!
Maybe yours will all be blue then?
I have ONE plant and I adore it! They are expessive to purchase here as an established plant!!!!!!!! Good for you to raise these buggers from little! HURRAY ELaine!!!!!!!!

Kerry said...

Hydrangeas are my absolutely favorite! But I do not have a green thumb, so I have to rely on a gardner. Yours are absolutely stunning! I have the room just need the expertise!

Carol's Crafts said...

I love hydrangeas too. I have them planted along the side of our house and in the back in a bed by the house. Mine were covered in huge blooms this year. Yours are so beautiful, and I think it's awesome that you rooted them.

Susan said...

How beautiful! I have always loved hydrangeas and tried to grow blue ones. They never turned blue - just pink. Enjoy your gorgeous flowers.