Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gorgeous Blooms all around the yard

My yard is just so colorful with all the different plants blooming.  Unfortunately, most of the flowers that are blooming don't have any scent to them. What a shame.

Yesterday, I noticed the first Rose of Sharon bloom on my shrub. Usually my Rose of Sharon doesn't bloom until  mid July. Maybe with all the rain we had this spring, and then the really hot and humid weather that we've been having has speeded everything along. I just know that I am loving all the bright colors and blooms. Hard to tell from this photo, but the blossom is pink with a dark maroon center.

rose of sharon 1

Below: my first Brown Eyed Susan daisies are blooming in my back yard flower garden.

brown eyed susans

The Bee Balm is another favorite of mine and of the hummingbirds that visit the yard. I love to see them hover over the trumpet blossoms. The first picture of the bee balm below is a close up.  In the second photo  you can barely see, but there is another blue mop head hydrangea behind the bee balm. The bee balm spreads quickly, but I don't mind.

bee balm closeup

bee balm 2 

The hydrangea's are really starting to fill out, and the colors are getting more intense. They start out white, and then as time goes by the blooms turn color completely. This is the first year that my two purple/violet hydrangea's have  bloomed since they were planted several years ago.

bluehydrangea1 blue hydrangea clup1

hydrangea clup 2 purple

hydrangea purple1

The hydrangea below is a lace cap hydrangea. They are nice, but not as pretty as the mop heads. They bloom from the outsides first. You can see the center is just full of blooms waiting to open.

hydrangeal ace1

I had a hard time getting a decent photograph of one my lavender plants that is in bloom. I just love the smell of lavender.lavender

I haven't created any art the past several days, as it has just been too hot and humid. It's been too uncomfortable to do anything, but stay in front of the air conditioner. So, I thought I would share the beauty that is have around my yard on this last day of June. I can't believe how fast the year is flying by.

Don't you think the flowers that are blooming in my yard are pretty?

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