Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Parade

I hadn't gone to the 4th of July parade in many years, and so early Saturday  morning when my sister in law, Terry called to ask me to go with her and her twin grandsons to the town's North Middleboro parade I decided to go.

Trish, my niece and  the twins mother is pregnant and is on bed rest, and so her mother has been taking the boys quite a bit to help out. I love those little boys, and I was happy to spend the day with them.

We left for the parade in North Middleboro around 9:30 , and had to find a parking space along the crowded parade route. We finally found a spot, and luckily we didn't have to walk to far, as it was a very hot day. We  lucked out and found a spot to watch the parade under a big maple tree. Great for shade, but not so great for taking photo's, as the camera ended up facing the sun.  Kyle and Cody had a great time. They  were excited to see the tractors, fire trucks from Middleboro and surrounding towns, boy scouts, ladies riding horses, twirlers, marching bands,vintage cars and trucks, politicians, animals, police cars and vehicles, and a float referring to the oil spill. The floats were fun. My two favorite floats were the Lions Club Steel Band that came all the way from Ontario, Canada. The youths on the float played awesome music on their assorted steel drums. That band had everyone clapping and swaying to their wonderful music. Another favorite of mine was the elderly (80 +) Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter.

Here are a few photo's that I took.

Terry with Kyle and Cody watching the parade.4th july parade tery and kyle and cody

4th july parade alice and mad hatter1

4th july parade alice and mad hatter 2 

4th of july horse an rider 4th july parade hot wheels truck 4th july parade tractors

4th of july parade old ford truck 4th of july parade green ford car 4th of july oi lrig 4 sale

4th of july steel band1

4th of july parade steel band2

4th of july parade steel band 3

After the parade we went back to my brother's house and the boys went swimming in the pool. We enjoyed a barbeque and then went back uptown to the carnival and then to watch the  fireworks.  The boys were worn out, but we all had a wonderful fun filled day.

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