Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feeling Lightheaded today

Yes, I'm feeling very, very lightheaded. I had my hair cut this morning. I couldn't believe that I let my hair get so long. Well, for me it was long...shoulder length.  I had 6 inches cut off and my head feels so light. :-)
 With all this heat and humidity I couldn't stand the length anymore.  Losing all that hair feels wonderful. I am loving it! The haircut is short like I had it in the past. See picture below. My hubby calls it a bowl cut. :-)

It's been a busy week for me. Monday I took my dad to the eye doctors down the Cape. Tuesday, I babysat all day for my nieces twin boys. Wednesday just did laundry and other chores. Today, after getting my hair cut I went to Plymouth to do errands, and then on to a couple thrift stores looking for glass for garden totems. I also stopped at Michael's and bought some stickers and scrapbook paper that were on sale.
Then, I stopped by my son and daughter in laws to see my little Bella this afternoon. I can't believe in 2 days Bellz will be 2 months old.
I then stopped at the grocery store. Now I'm wondering what I will make for supper as it is hot and I don't feel much like cooking.

Maybe tomorrow I will have time for some art or beading. The summer is just flying by so quickly don't you think?
Well, hope you have all had a wonderful week.


Tammy D said...

With the A/C still online, I opted for chicken salad and cucumbers.

Patti G. said...

Nice hair cut then Elaine! :0)
Make an easy supper with no heavy cooking grilled chicken, or better yet.....GO OUT! :0)

Kerry said...

Love the hair cut! I used to wear my short all the time, now I've let it grow - shoulder length. Love it! Make a nice chicken salad, or fruit salad - perfect for this hot weather!