Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beaded mermaid and goddess

If you follow my blog then you already know that I love mermaids. I also love to bead among  all the other hobbies that I have.
 Here are two beaded projects that I created awhile ago. The pieces look distorted in the scans for some reason.
I rubber stamped a mermaid and a goddess onto fabric. I then stitched and cut out around the images, and stuffed the bodies with polyfill fiber. Then I had to pick out the seed beads to bead each piece. The mermaids fringe hair needs to be reenforced in the center as the center beads/hair keeps flopping backwards as can be seen in the above photo. The mermaids face is a button that I bought at a rubber stamp convention in Rhode Island from a booth selling charms. This mermaid was my second beaded doll project.

The beaded goddess below has a clay face that I glued to the fabric. The goddess was my first attempt at beading a little art doll.
I am now beading a small goddess that will be made into a pin. The little body is made of ultrasuede that I am stitching my beads onto. I need lots more practice as the beading isn't perfect, but I am self taught and learning as I go. I had fun creating my little beaded pieces so that's all that counts, right?
In the past I have made art dolls from domino's and other game pieces, and some of those can be found in my Domino's picture trail album if you wish to view them.


Tammy D said...

Wow that is a lot of work. I'm not sure my fingers would do that.

AngieHallHaviland said...

FABULOUS beaded dolls!! I use to make these...but haven't in a good while (well probably since I had a little one LOL)