Friday, July 2, 2010

Omni Gel Transfer

Yesterday at Michael's I bought a bottle of Omni Gel with a 40% off coupon. I also received a 50% off coupon on my sales receipt to use next week. Oh boy!!!
I hadn't used this transfer medium before, and wanted to give it a try. I took a picture of brown eyed susan's in my back garden, and made a color copy. Applied the gel medium as directed. The bottle states that it doesn't work that well with ink jet copies, but that's what I used. I need to experiment a lot more with this product. My next attempt will be using a picture from a magazine.
You apply a coat of Omni Gel first horizontally, then when thoroughly dry add another coat this time brushing on the gel vertically. When the second coat is dry, apply a 3rd coat of the gel on the diagonal. Let dry, soak the transfer in water from 10-20 minutes, remove, and then rub off the paper from the back. The finished piece is pretty transparent, but I wanted the daisies yellow to show up more. I glued the dried transfer onto yellow cardstock. BIG MISTAKE, as now the transfer doesn't look much different than the original photo. I should have just added the transfer to the card. Oh well, this was a learning experiment.
My transfer on the yellow cardstock was added to Mariposa cardstock to make a greeting card. Don't you just love the color yellow? It is such a cheerful color.

When I was walking around the yard this morning I noticed my lilies were starting to bloom. The plant is over 5 feet tall. This plant is a perenial, and has never grown so tall before. It really needs to be staked, as there are so many more blooms getting ready to open, and I don't want the stems/stalks to snap off. 



Patti G. said...

Elaine, you will get the hang of the transfers and find what makes you happy! I love the flowers, maybe on a piece of old text would have been fun!!!!!!!!!!
It is so pretty on the yellow too!
Yellow is a HAPPY COLOR!!!!!! Yes yes!
Happy 4th my friend!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS, Elaine!! Glad you got ahold of some Omni Gel :O)'s FUN stuff!! Your flowers are WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL!!