Saturday, July 24, 2010

Altered Vacation Fund Bank

aawa vacation fund bank2

I didn't get to go to Texas for a art gathering of friends from a Yahoo group AAWA that is being held this weekend.  So, for those of us not attending there were some swaps, games, challenges for us to participate in.

The latest challenge was to create a vacation bank to save all our change and dollar bills at the end of the week for a vacation fund for next year. We could alter anything we wanted, but we had to upload a scan by tomorrow morning.

I used a coffee can that I covered with a vinyl wallpaper. I then sponged gold paint to make dots using a strip that has lots of holes. I can't recall what the proper name is but  sequins are punched out of this strip and then you are left with all the holes and the strip can be used as a ribbon.  I also used stickers and a scan of a mermaid. I also found some  kids play dollar bills in my embellishment drawer that I glued to the can.  The lid isn't completely finished. I want to add some foreign coins to the top to cover the middle of the cover where I cut a slit for depositing my money. The back has 2 play dollar bill glued to each side.

aawa vacation fund bank1  aawa vacation fund bank3  aawa vacation fund bank 5

aawa vacation fund bank lid

cover that needs a bit more embellishing

Okay, anyone know the correct term for the punch strip left after the sequins are punched out?


Tammy D said...

How fun!

WendyP said...

great idea
and i think the term you are looking for is either sequin waste or punchanella

smiles wendy

Elaine A said...

Thanks for anwsering my question Wendy. I just could not think of the name when I wrote my note yesterday.