Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twins birthday party

Yesterday my niece's twin boys, Cody and Kyle turned 3 years old. We went to help them celebrate. The party was held outside near the pool.  It was really hot and so some swam before eating. We had a barbeque and then cake and ice cream and presents. I just had to share, as I love these two little boys. Happy Birthday Cody and Kyle..love auntie.

Cody and his mom, Trish. The boys just love blowing out birthday candles. They don't mind blowing out anyone's birthday candles. This was the first year that they each had their own cake .
cody 3rd birthday blowing candles
Kyle blowing out his 3 candleskyle blowing out 3rd birthday candles

cody and kyle rocking it 3yrs Cody on the drums and Kyle playing guitar. They loved their gifts! Rock on boy's!!!
cody and kyle rocking
cody drumming look at the tongue action going on. Cody is really concentrating

kyle 3 on drums1 Kyle trying his hand at the drums

cody and kyle marshmallows Cody and Kyle can't wait to open the little bags of marshmallows. We had a tough time convincing them that they couldn't toast those minature marshmallows over a citronella candle.

cody ins leeping bag Cody in his new Cars sleeping bag listening to the talking Cars birthday card. They wanted to go camping with their new sleeping bags, and they had to have the marshmallows with them.
kyle in sleeping bag Kyle reading his musical card in his new sleeping bag. Such concentration.


Patti G. said...

Elaine, they are sooooooooo cute and I SEE YOU in your neice!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Her face, I see you shining through! Amazing and they look like they got great gifts and had great fun!

Anonymous said...

Omg so cute!! They are just so funny playing the drums. Looks like fun on their Birthday!!
Thanks for sharing
Betty Ann