Friday, June 17, 2011

Bearded Iris

I haven't had time for art, but wanted to share with you a lovely iris that my cousin picked up for me while visiting her aunt in New Hampshire. Cheryl's aunt, Priscilla sell plants. Cheryl also bought me another new re blooming iris while at her aunts, a pretty blue. The blue iris had already bloomed by the time I received it, and so I will have to wait until fall to see it bloom. I wish all my iris bloomed twice in a season. 
This deep violet purple iris is really pretty, and shimmers when the sun shines on it.
 iris deep purple black iris deep purple superstistion
iris blue victoria falls waiting to see this blue iris bloom.
Below is another photo that I took at the cranberry bog. High up in another sand bank is a belted kingfisher's nest hole that my brother,Paul found and told me about. He saw the kingfisher going in and out of it's nest hole. Kingfishers always nest near water so they have a good supply of fish to eat.
The day that I went I didn't see the bird, but thought that those of you who have never seen a kingfisher's nest might find it interesting. I love birdwatching and also find the different bird nests interesting.

 kingfisher hole2 kingfisher photo from bird book kingfisher info
I also picked up a good sized white quartz rock that I found at the base of a sand pit while I was driving around the bog. I am always on the lookout for white quartz to add to my rock garden in the back yard. My car always needs a good hosing off after driving around the dusty dirt roads.

Tom is slowly getting the numerous tomato plants that he started from seed into the garden. I can't wait for garden fresh, ripe tomatoes. Just thinking of eating a garden ripe tomato sandwich is making my mouth water.
elaine signature3 
P.S... while I was driving my dad home late this afternoon I spotted a male Eastern Bluebird flying back and forth across the road. I sure wish a pair would nest in one of my bluebird houses that I have in my yard.

bluebirds from bird book

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