Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy few days

Friday, I took a ride to Rhode Island with my cousin, Cheryl who is a florist. We went to a wholesale florist so she could get flowers to make funeral arrangements for my cousin, Lillian that passed away.
Saturday, we went to the Cape for the funeral. After the funeral, family went to my cousin, Jon's house. Sad day, but it was nice to see cousins who live far away..Saipan, Florida, Ohio, and Vermont.
Later in the afternoon on our way home we stopped at our niece's for her twins 4th birthday party.  There was lots of good food, and it was fun watching the twins open their many gifts.
Here are a few pictures that I took. The twins..(in red)  Kyle and Cody received so many gifts. The boys loved trying out their new scooters that their Aunt Kelly gave them.
 Below is Kyle having a serious talk with my dad.
6.25.11 Kyle with Grampa Harju 6.25.11 Kyle and Cody scooters  6.25.11 Kyle on scooter 6.25.11 Cody on scooter
Today, I spent a most enjoyable afternoon with my good friend, Betty Ann. We  took a ride to  look for a double white clematis at several nurseries in the area, but we had no luck.                               We did find a site on the internet that had a double white clematis,  and I am going to see if I can order one. I am hoping it's not too late for this year's planting. The name of the white clematis is Duchess of Edinburgh. Then, I took Betty Ann around the cranberry bogs to see what wildlife we could spot.
Here are some photos I snapped of a great blue heron. Every time I moved to try and get closer it flew off, but I couldn't get the bird in flight. By the time I got the bird in my lens and got the correct zoom, it had moved.  As we were leaving the great blue heron flew off, and a second bird that had been hidden from our view joined it. I was quite a distance away from the bird taking the photos... Thank goodness for zoom lenses.
blue heron 6 blue heron 5 blue heron1 blue heron2 blue heron3 blue heron4
Cat a nine tails...a week ago the cat tails were still all yellow, but this week they are starting to darken.
cat a nine tails unripened3
cat a nine tails2 cat a nine tails1
I was distressed to see dirt bikes had ridden up and down the large sand pit where the bank swallows were nesting. I did see some swallows flying in and out of their nest holes.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The sun finally did come out yesterday afternoon, and also today in the afternoon. We have had rain for several days straight.
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Tammy D said...

Great pictures. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy family despite the sadness.

Joanne Huffman said...

It sounds like you had some well deserved moments of peace, family love and beautiful Nature.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing the pictures of the blue heron and cattails. Sorry to hear about your cousins death. Great pictures you have shared of the party and a good one of your Dad! Diann

Linda said...

Hi Elaine,

So sorry about your loss! I am glad you
got to see your family though! The Herons are