Friday, June 17, 2011

Stray Kitty naming contest winner is....

Sorry that I didn't post the winner of my contest a few days ago, but my days remain hectic.
Our stray has remained nameless long enough. We had a difficult decision to make, as there were several names that were suggested that Tom and I both liked. After going thru names left in the comments on the original posting, and then when we found out our stray was a male kitty. After much debating our stray kitty now has an official name.
4.13.11 stray kitty2
The winning name is.......Tuffy, which was suggested by Debbie of CraftyMooseCrafts .                                                                                    Tom and I both thought that Tuffy was an appropriate name for our stray kitty, because he managed to stay alive from birth thru the long freezing, snowy winter living on his wits outside.
Debbie...let me know if you would like earrings or something Tim Holtz to use in an art project. Please email me   your mailing address.
Thanks to all that suggested names. elaine signature3


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Yay for Tuffy! Glad he has a name now! I'll send you an email!

Robin said...

Tuffy is really unique name ... congrats Debbie you suggest such a superb name !! I like this name ..
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