Friday, June 3, 2011

Sad Day and Lots of Memories

Yesterday my mom was placed in a Alzheimer's unit in a nursing home. Such a hard and painful decision, but I think it was the correct one, as my 92 year old dad couldn't take care of her at home. I am sure it will be a hard adjustment for mom, my dad, my brothers and myself.  As hard as the decision was to  make, I know she is in a safe place.
I need to buy some things to brighten mom's room and make it more personal with family photo's, a TV, and a favorite comfortable chair. Also, I want to find a bright and cheery comforter for her bed.
Here is a photo from May 1st...when we celebrated my mom's 88th birthday.

When we did see my mom in the nursing home yesterday, I believe they gave her something at the hospital so that the transition would go easier for her. Mom was calm,  cheerful and talkative...not what we expected. We dreaded going for that first visit, as we thought she would be mad and wanting to return to their home.
When I took dad home yesterday, I walked around the yard with him looking at all their spring flowers that were in bloom. Some of the flowering trees and shrubs had already lost their blooms, but the flowers that were blooming were just beautiful.
flower ma n dads clematis clematis
flower..mock orange with bumblebee,jpg mock orange with bumble bee on flower. The mock orange scent is so fragrant.
flower ma n dads peony peony that I gave my parents many years ago n dads lavender rhododendron This Rhododendron has really gotten  huge. When I graduated from high school it was about as tall as me, but that was a long time ago. How time flies.
Yesterday my dad also asked me if I wanted any of my mother's hundreds of cookbooks. I took a quick look and chose a few. Mom collected cookbooks for years. There are so many old ones, and most have  handwritten recipes and newspaper clippings of recipes that sounded interesting to her thru the years tucked inside the pages.
This is a photo of an old cookbook from 1896 that has handwritten recipes and household hints from the original owner of the book. In the 50's when my dad bought some cranberry bogs there was a big house sitting on a hill. In the attic there were old ledgers, photos, clothing, furniture and this cookbook all from the 1800's.
 cookbook 1896 from Plympton cookbook 1896 first page in the old cookbook
Cookbook mas womans home companion I don't know where my mom picked up this book, but I do know she bought it as new bride in 1946. I used many recipes from this cookbook when I was a young girl, and one of my favorites was the doughnut recipe below. I can remember my middle brother, Paul and my cousin Kenny telling me the doughnuts were horrible, as they stuffed doughnuts into there mouths and cleaned up a batch of them and I'd have to make another batch. You can see the penciled in writing I did on the page . There is nothing like a homemade plain doughnut rolled in cinnamon sugar. Yum!!!
cookbook doughnut recipe
Another cookbook I chose was the Hood cookbook. I also used that cookbook, and I remember my mom using it. Memories.
cookbook Hoods
When I was at my younger brother's house which is 3 houses up the street from my parents I took some photos with my camera phone of his blueberry bushes and peach tree that had small fruit developing on the branches. Sorry that the photo's aren't the best.blueberries green at richards blueberries
fruit tree in bloom1 tiny, fuzzy peaches
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Barbara said...

A hard post for you Elaine, but hopefully therapeutic in some way to share. The flowers are beautiful, the rhodo is incredible(!), and the cookbook collection is also amazing. Be well.

Tammy D said...

Hugs and prayers through this time of transition.

Lin said...

I am so sorry for such a difficult decision, Elaine. The folks I used to stay with while out of town at work - the husband died in of Alzheimers ... I watched him go downhill and lived with his wife while he was in a nursing home .. so difficult ... Prayers for you and yorus, hon ...

PeggyR said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. I just brought my husband home from short term nursing home care. I just wish Medicare would pay for long term, but he met all their "standard" requirements. Good luck with your mom.

quiltmom said...

My mother in law went into a long term care facility in the spring of 2007. It was very hard for my father in law but it was the only decision that could be made as it was no longer safe for her to be at home. She is very fortunate in that the home in which she is living, is a wonderful place where she is well liked and cared for.
I made her a quilt from a Fons and Porter magazine that summer. I have since made her a texture quilt- It was a suggestion of adventures of a quilting diva I believe, and it was fun to do. I made 6 and a half inch blocks of different textured fabrics. It has a soft fleece back and lots of different colors and textures on the front. If you want more information contact me and I will try find you a picture and a link to the blog that I got the pattern from. I am told that she did enjoy stroking the different textures.
It is probably not a very easy time for your family- especially your father. My wish for you and yours is that you find time to laugh and remember all the joyous times you have had together.
Warmest regards,