Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas past memories ornament

2011 Christmas ornament me and Larry1 close up
While I was digging thru bins this morning I found some clear plastic ornaments. On my desk, I had a photo of my older brother, Larry and I taken when we were approximately 7 &and 8 years old at my grandparents house on a long ago Christmas eve.
Since the photo was black and white, I left it that way when I made a copy. I cut the photo to fit inside the ornament after I took the top off. I curled the photo and inserted it inside the ornament. Then I took a used dryer sheet and with a shish ka bob skewer and rubbed the dryer sheet around the front of the ornament before putting in some fake snow flakes.
2011 Christmas ornament me and Larry3 the light was reflecting off of the curved ornament
2011 Christmas ornament me and Larry2
I then tied a silver bow to the hanger, and added Spangle holly berries and leaves. Then I used twill Christmas ribbon left over from last year with Merry Christmas on it.
This was a quick and easy ornament and would be a great project for kids to use their school pictures and give an ornament to their grandparents.
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I love nostalgic ornaments like this. A very cool project done very nicely.