Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 4 AAWA 12 day swap

2011 AAWA day 4 Sherri packaging  of 12 day swap little Santa box that today's gift was packaged in. It's hard to see, but there is a cute crystal snowflake hanging from the ribbon. So cute!

2011 AAWA day 4 Sherri cookie cutter ornament  of 12 day swap

Inside the Santa box was this cute, small, tree cookie cutter with holiday card stock applied to the back made by Sherri A.  I probably should have taken the photo on a plain white background, but I liked the sparkly tissue paper that the ornament came wrapped in. There is a white snowflake as the tree topper, and Joy to the World ribbon to hang this lovely ornament from. 

I am like a little girl again, eagerly awaiting each morning to open another gift.

I have to ask...did you try an peek at the gifts with your name on the tag? Or snoop around the house looking where gifts were hidden? I must admit, I was very bad. I snooped, and sometimes well, let me correct myself if I want to be honest...a LOT of the time especially when I was in high school I would not only snoop I would even unwrap gifts, and rewrap them carefully hoping my mother wouldn't notice. :-) It's a wonder I didn't get coal in my stocking.

Later this morning I am off to the doctors. Hoping that I feel better soon. This coughing steadily isn't much fun.

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Anonymous said...

oh yes Elaine, my brothers and I were experts an re-wrapping to make sure the tape was exactly where it was before !!! lol
I know my children did it too, we get lots of laughs out of that today !!!!!
Hope you are feeling better soon !!!
Happy Holidays
Liane :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

There really is a great variety of nifty gifts in this swap. I snooped a lot when I was a kid, but didn't unwrap (but, my mother didn't usually wrap until the last minute). Hope the cough leaves soon.