Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas photos

Christmas Eve, Tom and I went to my younger brother Richard's house for dinner. After dinner, gifts were exchanged.12.24.2011 christmas eve cody and kyle Cody and Kyle opening their gifts
12.25.2011 cassie little Cassie playing with her new purse
Christmas Day, Tom and I had dinner with my sons, daughter in law, grand children and my daughter in laws mother. Great meal and fun family time.
 12.25.2011 Bella xmas day1 you caught me12.25.2011 Bella xmas day2  hard to snap a photo as Bella is always on the move.
12.25.2011 BellaBella getting tired
12.25.2011 lily and bella grand daughters..Lily and Bella
12.25.2011 katiegrand daughter Katie
12.25.2011 lily and bella2Bella and Lily
12.25.2011 lily and bella3,jpgLily and Bella
Christmas night we went to my niece Trish's for another big meal. I snapped some fun pictures. My sister in law, Terry's sister, Lisa brought a fun Elf hat that was actually quite heavy. When you pressed a button lights flashed and bells jingled. We had a lot of laughs fooling around with that silly hat.
12.25.2011 Cody with elf hat   Cody..looking panicky when the hat first started to move on his head
12.25.2011 Kyle with elf hat   Kyle not sure if he is liking that elf hat or not.
12.25.2011 dad with elf hat1my 93 year old dad getting in on the fun
12.25.2011 ma and elaine with elf hatI even put the crazy elf hat on my 88 year old mother. Mom and I
  12.25.2011 ma and dad Christmas day  Christmas night...Mom and Dad.  I really like this picture of my parents. Mom has Alzheimer's and she was having a very good day. It is so sad to see your aging parents decline mentally and physically.
12.25.2011 ma with bow on her head the silliness continued..I put a huge blue bow on mom's head.
12.25.2011 dad with bow on his head1 then of course it was Dad's turn.
Thankfully everyone has a good sense of humor. I can't take posed or serious pictures all of the time. One of my all time favorite pictures I've taken is of my Dad when he was 80 riding a  around the cranberry  bog on a bicycle.                                                                                                                          We had a wonderful Christmas even though Tom wasn't feeling that great, and I still had my cough. I'm feeling so much better now.
Getting ready for the New big plans. We use to go to parties, but now we prefer to stay home. Tom and I will probably just go out for Chinese food and then come home to watch a movie. I probably won't even be able to stay awake to see in 2012.  What do you do on New Year's Eve?
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Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL family Elaine!!! You can see all the happiness and love you all shared!!!!! I also wanted to say I love all the projects you've shared as well!!!!! You can tell you've had some fun creating!!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

It looks like you had a lot of family love for Christmas. My younger daughter and I are traveling in South Africa and will spend New Year's Eve in an animal preserve.

Sherry Edwards said...

Lovely photos Elaine, looks like you all had a wonderful family time toegether.

New Years Eve we'll be staying home too - watching the countdown on TV then watching the fireworks from the window!

Wishing you a Happy New Year xxx

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Great Christmas photos-Happy New Year!!

Barbara said...

Love all the family pics, Elaine. Your Mom and Dad look wonderful, bows and all. I never see in the new year, usually start to fade about 9 pm, but until then I like to watch the "Twilight Zone" marathon on TV. LOL! Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Great Family Photos Elaine, I love the silly ones best !!!!!! Your Mom and Dad look great in Thanks for sharing the "Family Love".
Happy New Year to all....we usually stay home and like you...I will never see 2012 coming !!! lol
Liane :-)