Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 8 AAWA 12 day swap

12 days 2011 gift envelope1 packaging I sewed for my day 8 gifts. Machine stitched cardstock pouch with a Velcro closure

12 days 2011 gift envelope2a different card stock machine stitched pocket

Today is the day that the ladies in group 3 open my gift, as I was assigned day 8. I wasn't sure what I wanted to make to send out to the swappers in my group. I wanted something that wasn't too heavy and would be easy to mail.

I actually made a few things and then in the end I decided on something totally different.  I just couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to make. Below are all the card stock machine stitched envelopes  I made to put my little gifts in. I tucked 2 small gifts in each of the pouches. I didn't have enough of one style card stock and so I ended up using 3 different patterns. I got 2 pockets from one piece of card stock.

12 days 2011 all gift envelope3 12 days 2011 all gift envelopes4

 12 days 2011 bookmarks all gift 1...ass0rted holiday fabric bookmarks or they can be hung on the tree as an ornament

12 days 2011 bookmarks 3gift 2...fabric  ornaments  in assorted fabrics.

12 days 2011 ornaments 1 

I hope the ladies in my group like my offering of the bookmark and  ornament. This has been such a fun swap and I will hate to see the swap come to an end on Christmas Eve morning.

What will I find in my day 9 packaging? You will have to come back tomorrow to take a peek.

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CBholcombe said...

I love my giftie, Elaine. From one fabric nut to another!