Monday, December 17, 2012

AAWA 12 Days of Christmas swap/Day 4

Day 4...I was assigned day 4, and I should have posted what I made yesterday as my gift. I was visiting my cousins on the Cape and so I wasn't home to post. I hope everyone in group 2 liked my gift.
AAWA 2012 Day 4 my gifts all wrapped up1my wrapped packages
AAWA 2012 Day 4 pillowcase folded1my day 4 gift
I hadn't planned on making pillowcases, as I had already bought supplies to make something else for this swap. But, while I was out shopping I found 12 days of Christmas fabric, and decided that the fabric would be so appropriate for this 12 Day Christmas swap.
I made two pillowcases  to send to members of our group. One who normally participates in this swap, but couldn't  this year, because her husband had been ill, and unfortunately he recently passed away. I wanted to add some cheer to Barbara's mailbox. I hope she likes her surprise gift. I also made a pillowcase for Jeri who created the online Yahoo group..An Affair with Art.
AAWA 2012 Day 4 pillowcase folded in half folded in half
AAWA 2012 Day 4 pillowcase folded2 AAWA 2012 Day 4 pillowcase folded3 all AAWA 2012 Day 4 my 12 gifts   
P.S..I will try and take a photo of today's gift, Day 5 and post it to my blog in a little while.

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Joanne Huffman said...

What a fun gift for you to make! And, how very thoughtful of you to make one for Barbara.