Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Celebrations

December is always a busy month, but it is always fun to get together with friends and  loved ones. Starting the month off, on the 8th, we enjoyed a family holiday get together with all the family at my niece's house.
Yesterday we spent the day with my oldest son, Tommy, Kelley and the kids. Steven, Robin and Bella also came. The house was beautifully decorated and the tree was HUGE and was filled with ornaments that had been received throughout the years.
Tommy cooked a wonderful dinner, starting with homemade French onion soup, lettuce wedge salad, prime rib that was so tender, green beans, roasted potatoes, corn and rolls. Then there were so many desserts.
After cleaning up from dinner gifts were opened. Bella was so excited. 
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 neighbors of Kelleys carolingbefore we ate there was a knock on the door and neighbors had stopped by to sing Christmas carols. How nice.
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz bow in hair who put this bow on my head??..Gramma did you do that?

Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz Brave wand

Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz Brave wand2Months ago after Bella saw an ad for the Pixar/Disney movie Brave that has been all she has talked about. Uncle Tommy gave Bella a Brave wand and she loved it.
 Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz loving Katies umbrella playing with Katie's new umbrella
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz choc faceBella loved the chocolate triffle dessert
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz mr potato head lily Bella and Lily
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz w Lilys HK clock
 Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz walking dog toy I got a walking, barking puppy.
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Bellz antlers onwhat antlers?
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Harley kitty with toy bird I brought a catnip singing bird for Harley and she loved her new toy. Harley has it under her can just see it peeking out.
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Katie w sunshield Robin Bellz Katie, Bella, Robin
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 family opening presents
Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Katie with game LCR  Katie  

Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Tommy w pickle ornament kelley austin 

Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Kelley Austin1Kelley and Austin

Christmas Holiday 12.23.12 Tommy with antlers on blinking, tune playing antlers made the rounds
Merry Christmas!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Fun family pictures - I can see the Christmas joy.