Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas photos

Christmas Day has now come and gone and soon it will be 2013. We had a wonderful Christmas day spent with family. We ate  dinner with Robin, Steven and Bella and Addie, Robin's mom.

For our dinner Steven  and Robin baked a ham. They also had mashed potatoes, and assorted roasted vegetables. Yum!

Bella was so excited when opening her gifts. So cute at 2  1/2 years old. Below are some of the pictures I took throughout the afternoon.

 Christmas Day 2012 Bellz brave doll 1

Christmas Day 2012..Bellz with dinner service and glasses on  Christmas Day 2012 Bellz and Brave doll 

Christmas Day 2012 Bellz and Brave doll2

 Christmas Day 2012 Bellz and Brave doll addie and robin   loved the sunglasses  and Brave doll that we gave

Christmas Day 2012 Bellz in her princess dress in front of tree Christmas Day 2012 Bellz in her princess dress in front of tree2 Christmas Day 2012 Bellz in her princess dress in front of tree3 crown and princess gown  that we gave worn over her new PJ's

Christmas Day 2012 Bellz inside tent castleinside her princess tent

  Christmas Day 2012 Bellz tree  Bella's treeChristmas Day 2012 Bellz w Doc and the dragon     Christmas Day 2012 Bellz w toy in hand Christmas Day 2012 Bellz with snowmall ball that lights up   Christmas Day 2012 Steven and Bellz on chair      Daddy's girlChristmas Day 2012 Tom and Bellz 2   grandpa and Bella

Early evening I went to my parents to spend some time with them, my brother and his family, and cousins.

We didn't get to see Tommy's family as we had celebrated Christmas with them on Sunday. But, the kids were excited to open their big packages to find suitcases..with PACK YOUR BAGS, WE ARE HEADING TO FLORIDA. They were beyond excited.

Tom has a bad back and can't do all the walking so he will stay home and feed the cats as I am joining the grandkids and my son on their Florida trip. I am excited too. This morning I packed my bag and will be ready to leave next weekend.

Have you gone shopping for any after Christmas bargains? I went to a few stores yesterday and this afternoon. I picked up a few things, but no big purchases.



Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

She is a doll. No shopping for me-I need nothing!!! Enjoy your Florida trip-sorry Tom has to stay home.

hugs, chris

Joanne Huffman said...

Have a great time in Florida, I' in Florida now with family and loving it.