Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh No!!!! Kittens..again

Fluffpuff 9.2012Fluffy my #1 cat that I brought home from my sons. Fluffy is a neutered male.

Below is the story of how I became the cat lady of the neighborhood.

There has been a stray female cat in the neighbor for about 3 years. I took in one kitty from her first litter as the rest had all disappeared. Tuffy was born in the spring 3 years ago. It took us almost a full year until we could coax him inside the house. Once in he didn't want to go out for weeks. I already had one cat. So then I had 2. I was happy having 2 cats.

Our Tuffy..who really is not a tuffy, but quite timid.
Tuffy kitty in a pink bag 11 kitty..tuffy in a bag2 ..our first stray from mom cat

Last year I feed 2 kitties from mom cats next litter, but both disappeared before I could trap them in a Havaheart trap to bring them to the vets to get them fixed. They came everyday to be fed. I felt really bad about that and so did my husband.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the mom cat to go into the cage to bring her to the vets.
So, once again this past spring mom cat had another litter..4 this time, but one disappeared. The neighbor trapped the little female kitten. He brought her to Tom while I was visiting my cousins on Cape Cod. Being really timid she hid out for days in the basement and only came upstairs to eat at night. I had Princess spayed. Then the 2 little males came into the house several weeks later. Now...I have 5 cats. After Christmas I will be taking the (boys to the vets to be neutured).
12.2012 2 kitties playing with a cranberry The boys...Junior and Spot
The boys will come to be petted and are friendly.

Princess..Princess1 12.21.12
she is much lighter in color than the 2 males and she is still pretty shy, where the male kitties aren't. Princess comes when called, but I still can't touch her.
Mom cat has managed to avoid going into the trap, and wouldn't you know just as I was going to try and capture her again..she had another litter in November. I'm pulling my hair out here. I have to catch her and get her FIXED. I can't keep rescuing kittens. I was told by the neighbor whose shed mom cat lives under that there were 3 in this new litter.

Over the past cat shows up with her 2 little kittens, so something must have happened to one of them. I am the only one in the neighborhood putting food out for them now. The kittens are adorable to watch prance and run around the back yard playing and following mom.
12.20.12 both kitties on cement block both kittens together
12.20.12 lighter kitten under shrub lighter colored kitten out in the open under my butterfly bush
12.20.12 darker kitten under camper darker kitten sitting under the camper
I really can't bring myself to catch and take the kittens to a shelter, as I fear they will be euthanized. I don't get a break for having so many kittens fixed when I take them to the vets. This is getting quite expensive.
I can't take them to the Humane Society where spaying and neutering is done cheaper, because you have to have an appointment to bring them in.. I never know when I will catch one of the kitties in the trap. When I catch one, I take the kitty immediately to the vets.
I am going to try and catch the 2 newest kittens in a trap after Christmas. I will then get them fixed when they are old enough. I hope I can find them a nice home...if not...Does that mean I will have 7 cats? Probably.
Family and friends think I have lost my mind for having all of these cats. I probably have, but I can't stand the thought of them getting eaten by a owl/fisher cat/f0x/coyote or whatever. My husband also has a soft heart when it comes to animals.

Wish me luck on getting the mom cat to the vets before she gets pregnant again so there won't be more kittens. I would love to find a home for these 2 little ones and that they could be kept together. I can't rescue them all.


Kelly_Deal said...

Elaine you're so sweet for what you do! Those kitties are just too sweet! Good luck with momma kitty!

Sherry said...

Oh Elaine, you are so kind to all those stray kitties and for getting them (or trying to) 'fixed'. Lucky your husband shares your love for them too. We got two new kitties in July - they've got so big we think of them as proper cats now - we've had them both 'fixed' although haven't let them out yet - husband is worried they won't come back! I've got them each a collar with name and address tag for Christmas so it won't be long before they can enjoy the outdoors (and I can enjoy the indoors for a little while without them - they are such a handful, adorable though!)

Wishing you and your family and kitties the best Christmas xx

Joanne Huffman said...

Good luck with catching the mom. You and your husband have very tender hearts.