Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogging and more Scrapling cards

I have been on the computer a lot more frequently and for longer periods of time since the One World One Heart world wide blogging event started. I was up early this morning, as I couldn't sleep, and decided to make a card. I came across a stamp that I thought was funny when I saw it last summer at Colorful Creations scrapbook/stamp store in Hyannis. The stamp is from one of my favorite rubber stamp companies...Cat's Life Press. After I bought the stamp and got it home I wondered what the heck I was going to do with it. A few days ago I found a photo of myself with reading glasses on sitting at the computer. This morning as I was looking at the photo a light bulb went off in my head...a way to use that stamp. :-)
So here is the card I created. I gave it to Tom as a joke when I finished it. Elaine blogging card2
They have a version of this stamp for rubber stampers and scrapbookers too. Probably for other hobbies, but I can't remember.

This photo is my 8 month old granddaughter...Bella taken last weekend at the first birthday party of a friend.
Bella is showing off her new teeth. Smile for the camera!
1-2011 at birthday party

I took this photo of my stray kitty that I have been feeding for months. Here he is in the back yard sitting in my platform bird feeder. Of course no birds came around while he was sitting there. I so want him to come inside the house. We are making some progress as he is coming closer and closer too us, and follows our kitty.

Oh, by the way. last night I saw that fat opossum again on my back deck going to eat the food I leave out for stray kitty. I wasn't expecting to see the opossum when I opened the slider door. I scared the both of us and he took off running, slipping and sliding. I had to laugh at him running away. I am sure he came back after the lights went out to get his fill of cat food. I wonder what else I am feeding during the night.

This is sure turning into a rambling note this morning with me sharing a little bit of everything, and so while I am rambling... I will share this too. Yesterday while I was looking for scraps of paper and such to make my scrapling cards. I came across a pin I made a long time ago from beach glass and assorted beads and jewelry pieces. This pin was published in the September/October 2002 issue of Expressions magazine. I loved that magazine, and was sad to see it stop publication.
Expressions mag. seaglass angel cover Expressions mag. seaglass angel article1 Expressions mag. seaglass angel article
 sea angel pin I rubber stamped onto the seaglass. Then wire wrapped the body and beaded the arms and legs. Glued metal wings, a face/head charm and old watch face to create my pin.

More scrapling cards that I created this morning. I made horizontal scrapling cards this time. I should have scanned these instead of using the camera as the photos look a little wonky. I have the cards standing up amd the 2 on the top have small chocolate Hershey candies on them.
2.7.11 horizontal scrapling balanced chocolate 2.7.11 horizontal scrapling never met a chocolate 2.7.11 horizontal scrapling chocolatebees
2.7.11 horizontal scrapling bird
2.7.11 horizontal scrapling heart make artThe heart on this card is approximately 1/4 inch thick. I made several last year from UTEE. (ultra thick embossing powder) you can see the step by step how to here> New Art 2010 album on my picture trail .

2.7.11 horizontal scrapling heels  a name could be written in on the front of this card. I think it would be fun to add to a birthday gift.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you enjoyed the photos and art that I shared with you this morning. Have a great day.
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Tammy D said...

Love listening to your ramblings. Sort of feels like we are sitting at a table for a cup of tea just chatting. :)

Alicia said...

Elaine, I enjoyed your ramblings this morning! It is funny, as I took out the same stamp "Balanced Diet" to try on mine as well, but it's still sitting on the desk awaiting me to come play! *Hugs* and thanks for sharing your fun with us!

Joanne Huffman said...

Love your cards (especially the blog quote and the chocolate quotes). The pin is lovely - I also miss Expressions.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

WONDERFUL ART, Elaine!! I remember seeing that pin in Expression magazine!! I LOVED that magazine and was so upset when they stopped sending them (especially since my sister had just paid for a renewal for my Christmas gift) :( I have so many stamps that I think will work on the scraplings horizonally and have been planning to do the yours!!

Nancy B said...

Your scraplings are lovely and so is your snow!