Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simply Charmed

I joined a charm swap on the Yahoo group, An Affair with Art this past week.  I wanted to start on the charms right away, because I am a terrible procrastinator. I hate being late and so I figured better start early or who knows what will happen and then I'd be scrambling around at the last minute to get them finished in time.
Yesterday afternoon I started digging thru some craft drawers, bead and button boxes, and a box of assorted game pieces.  Then I went and dug out my small rechargeable Dremel drill.  Several years ago, I asked my husband, Tom for a Dremel for Christmas. My sons and hubby thought I was nuts, but I guess after they saw me using my sons, big, heavy, Makita drill they thought the little Dremel was safer for me to use. Just wish I had a small drill press to hold onto my tiny objects that I want to drill holes into. My son, Steven kept telling me that he was going to come home one day and find me with the drill bit bored thru my hand and he'd have to take me to the Emergency room. Thankfully that never happened.
My Dremel is and  small cordless that runs on a rechargeable battery pack. It is approximately 8 inches long with the bit inserted. MultiPro Cordless 7.2 V. There is probably a new and improved model out now since my Dremel is probably 10 years old.
 dremel dremel kit My dremel came in a hard plastic case with the charger and a pack that included sand paper discs, bits and other accessories.

I worked on a few more charms this morning as it was snowing again and I wasn't going to venture out on the slippery roads. I still want to make  more. I wouldn't  mind trading some charms with others.
Below...just some of the assorted dice and wood game pieces
Below: beads and clear vintage button, skull, wood and bone.
Below: rubber stamped wooden disks that were originally from a trivet mat that I pulled apart, blue lamp work bead, copper coiled wire& beads, metal button, and frog head lamp work bead.
Well, what do you think of my charms? Any suggestions? What have you made charms from?
I also have some other objects that I want to make into charms. I've been drilling some Scrabble tiles and small domino's. I use to drill domino's all the time and make art dolls with them. You can see them here...Domino album in my picture trail album
Have a creative day.
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Anonymous said...

oh Elaine, I love the Dice Charms (especially the green ones) also love the skulls (i bet you knew that). You inspired me, time to go and make some charms
Liane :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

Love your charms (I have to get started on mine).

Alicia said...

Oh Wow Elaine, These are SO neat!!! I LOVE your Domino Dolls as well!!! *Hugs*

Tammy D said...

These are fabulous! What fun!

Dorothy said...

Love the charms!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have opened my eyes to looking for charms to use on my dolls in all the unexpected places! I'm always looking in the stores, but perhaps they are right here under my nose at home instead. I think my husband even has a Dremel (which I've never paid any attention to until now ;). I love your game pieces the most!

Nancy B said...

They are fabulous!