Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrabble Tiles and more

I still had my Dremel out this morning, and I thought I would make some pins and a few charms by drilling holes in some Scrabble game tiles and adding pin backs.
scrabble tile pins charms
I don't know if you can see what the charms double click on the photo to see a bigger photo.
C - charm that looks like a Laurel Burch cat, G - angel, W - pair of flip flops, A - kitty, F -high heel, R -boxed heart, G - red heart
B & E scrabble tiles were made  into charms
I also found an old watch that came in a box of junk from a yard sale. The watch didn't run but the hands still moved. I added a jump ring and made it into a charm.
charm watch
Then when digging thru another box I found the ugly fella pictured below. The pendant is approximately 3 inches. Don't know where the heck I found or bought this piece, but I know I wouldn't have paid very much for it.   I plan on making a mold out of this pendant and then using paper clay or sculpey to make some skeletons for some Day of the Dead  or Halloween art.
 charm skeleton
elaine signature3


Joanne Huffman said...

You are really on a charm[ing] roll! And, I think your skeleton will make a great mold - lots of Halloween and Day of the Dead possibilities.

Kelly_Deal said...

How cute! I need to get my dusty ole' dremel out!

Anonymous said...

Oh Elaine these look GREAT ma'am!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your imagination is what feeds these great results. I don't easily see possibilities when I'm looking at things like a broken watch. I need to start "thinking outside the box" I guess. Not surprising you have a plan for Halloween already! These are really neat, Elaine!