Monday, February 14, 2011

Escaped to Cape Cod for a few days

I've been away for a few days over the weekend and I have lots to catch up on.
I just got back home late this afternoon.
 I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day before the day is over.

Another thing....I don't know how this escaped my attention, but I noticed that  February 9 th, was my one year blogoversary.  I will have to do something to celebrate my first year of blogging. So, stay tuned for a giveaway.

Here are 2- 4 x 4's that I made for a Valentine swap on AAWA yahoo group that I belong to, but didn't get
posted last week.
4 x 4 Valentine for AAWA1 4 x 4 Valentine for AAWA cupid
Early Saturday morning before I left to go to my cousins on Cape Cod for the weekend I snapped this photo of my Fluff Puff  kitty (right side) on a tree limb in the maple tree in the back yard with his friend, the stray kitty ( left side). That other kitty is so cute, as it follows my Fluff Puff everywhere.
2.12.11 fluffpuff and stray kitty in tree
Anyway, getting back to the Cape....Saturday we didn't do much of anything other than I stopped at the craft stores and Colorful Creations scrapbooking/stamp store to pick up a few papers. I have been wanting to scrapbook some old photo's from 1986, when my brother and his family joined Tom, Tommy, Steven and I for a Florida vacation. We went to Disney, Sea World, Epcot, Lion Country Safari, and the Florida Keys. I had a huge album of photos taken during that vacation that I wanted to try and get into a scrapbook. So, I had to start somewhere if I was ever going to get an album done. Do I normally scrapbook? NO, but I have all the supplies.
I brought a photo album, papers, stickers and other supplies, and my cousin Cheryl and I spent yesterday afternoon and earlier today working on our albums. My pages aren't finished as I haven't added the journaling or all the embellishments, but it was a start.  I was pleased with how the pages turned out since I really didn't know what I was doing. I took the photo's below with  the pages already in the album. Sorry that you can't really make out all the pictures. I'd like to know how others who scrapbook all the time get close up photos of their 12 x 12 pages to share on their blogs of their finished pages.  Any hints?
My first page in the Florida scrapbook's not complete.1986 Florida album first page
Sea World photo's..I spent over $25 dollars the day the photos below were taken buying dead fish for the kids and everyone to feed the hungry dolphins. I think the kids liked Sea World more than Disney. It sure was a cold and windy  that February morning that we were there, we had on several sweatshirts to keep warm.

1986 Florida sea world first page left side 1986 Florida Sea World lge. dolphin 1986 Florida Sea world double page
1986 Florida Sea World sm dolphin left side page 1986 Florida Sea World sm dolphin 1
1986 Florida Sea World sm dolphin double page
1986 Florida Seaworld 1 1986 Florida Seaworld orca stickers
1986 Florida Seaworld double page spread

Lion Country Safari..West Palm Beach

1986 Lion Country Safari 1
1986 Lion Country Safari 2
Well, that's all I've accomplished while I was away...what do you think? The only other page I've ever really created was a Harley Davidson page for my oldest son that I put in a frame.

In between crafting time we stopped in the Stop n Shop grocery store to get a few things. While in the store, I saw Joe Kennedy shopping with his wife. Joe is the son of Ethel and the late Robert (Bobby) Kennedy.
And, another thing....I came home to find an email from Amy of Modge Podge Rocks that I won one of her giveaways that she had posted on her blog on January 23,2011. The prize was a book..The Big Ass Book of Home Decor by Mark Montano. I had left a comment on her blog when she first posted her giveaway. The person that was originally picked as the winner never responded. My name was the next name that was drawn. So, I was a winner by default, but I am thrilled. Yeah!!! Amy has frequent giveaways and her blog always has fun Modge Podge projects.
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Alicia said...

Elaine, Your scrapbook pages are SO perfect!!! I love the paper you chose to make them with! Congrats on your win as well!!! *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

Well I think your pages look GREAT ma'am!!!!! You can tell you had alot of fun making them!!!!! 1986....hummm that's when my oldest was born!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Love your Valentine pieces and all the scrapbook pages are WONDERFUL!!