Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabric canvas pink pond lily postcard

I bought a package of fabric canvas sometime back at a clearance sale. The package was marked down to $2.00. Unfortunately there was only one package or I would have bought more. The package contained 8-
8 1/2 x 11 sheets.
fabric canvas
fabric canvas art to wear scans
The photo above ...I scanned 4 images from the Art to Wear CD onto one sheet of the fabric canvas. When the ink dried, I sprayed the piece with a fixative so the ink wouldn't smudge or run. The bird image will be my next project. I just haven't decided if it will be a postcard or if I will use it on a mini quiltie hanging art piece. Probably a hanging piece.
art to wear book 
In Joann Fabric's they had a book... The Vintage Workshop Art-to-Wear: 100 Images & 40 Projects to Personalize Fashion" by Amy Barickman, that I wanted.  The photo above, I took in the store with my cell phone. The book was $29.99, but it was missing the CD that came with the book and the book was pretty banged up.  The store checked, but none of their other stores had another book. 
So, I checked out and found that Amazon offered the book. 
I ordered  a book that was in the used section from another vendor. It was stated that the book was new and had never been used. With the cost of the book and shipping the total came to $9.98. My husband had a $10.00 credit.  So, I was thrilled when he ordered  the book for me.  I used the pink pond lily that was in the book/CD and made a canvas fabric postcard with the image.
I used a glue stick that is made for fabric to hold the canvas photo onto a green brushed velour type fabric and then stitched around the canvas. I then ironed muslin fabric onto a stiffened material for the backing. After the piece was layered and completely stitched, I then stitched a piece of pink netting over the front and then added a mauve and gold trim to finish off the piece. The trim was also another bargain. I just love bargains.
I created this piece as a little thank you gift for Sharon of amethyst and lilypads blog. I thought it would be a fun thing to send to her as she also loves lilypads. I plan to create a little something for all 3 of the ladies that I won door prizes on their blogs from the recent OWOH blog event.
pink pond lily fabric postcard
That's my fun art project for the day.  I have always loved pond lilies. The pink lilies were always harder to find, at least around here. So, as a child they were my favorites. I can remember falling into the water, as I tried to reach out and grab one from the water. :-)
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Alicia said...

Oh Elaine, How GORGEOUS this piece is!!! I have never tried printing onto fabric but yours turned out just beautiful!!! *Hugs*

Diann said...

Your canvas looks awesome...know you are excited with it! Great job and yes, it will make a nice postcard but the hangie ART will be awesome! Diann

Vic said...


Tammy D said...

Very Pretty. And I love you Swans at the top of the blog!

Anonymous said...

VERY pretty Elaine!!!!

Dorothy said...

Very nice!

Craftgirl said...

Awesome. Which Art to Wear book did you buy as I have seen 3 or 4 but not with a CD ?

Emakesart said...

Ooh, I love this beautiful water lily project!!! Sooo pretty!! You're making me want to try making some fabric art myself!!


Joanne Huffman said...

great postcard. I love printing on fabric.