Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mod Podge Amy Giveaway prize arrives

At 7:30 this morning there was a knock on the door. Who the heck was here knocking on the door that early in the morning. Tom handed me a package from Fed EX, and to my surprise it was from Mod Podge Amy of Mod Podge Rocks. Visit Amy's wonderful blog here
I had received an email over the weekend from Amy letting me know that my name had been drawn for leaving a comment on her blog. 
I was totally surprised that Amy had also tucked into my giveaway package a starter kit of all the different Mod Podge products. WOW!!  How very generous you are Amy. Thank You!!!!!
Now, here is the giveaway prize that I won.
Big Ass Decorating Book and modpodge2

And on another note:
What a glorious  morning this is. The sun is shining and it is warm outside. Yeah!!!  I wish I could say winter was over, but that is hardly the case.
I also want to share this with all of you.
Yesterday, coming home from visiting and doing errands for my elderly parents I stopped to take a few photos of three swans on the ice and in a small open area  of water in a cranberry bog reservoir. Snow and ice surrounded the open water. I only had my old Canon digital camera in the glove box of the car with me, and that camera doesn't have much of a zoom. It was late afternoon, and unfortunately the sun was facing the direction where the swans were. I couldn't resist getting out of the car and taking a few photos.  And, so this morning I decided to change the snowy woods photo on my blog header with one of the swan photos that I took yesterday.
2.16.11swan immature heading to waterimmature swan walking on the ice
2.16.11swan with head turned away swimming the same swan as in the photo above slipped into the water and paddled away. I guess he thought I was getting too close.

 2.16.11swans swimming
2.16.11swans swimming2
Aren't they pretty?
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Sherri Auld said...

Elaine, congrats on the mod-podge win. What fun you will have. I love your swan photos. They are such elegant birds. I can't wait to start taking pictures again soon. :-) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Check your email, hon. I just sent you an email announcing that you are the winner of the personalized crystal bracelet that I spoke of on my blog. My blog is amethyst and lilypads, and was 832 in the One World One Heart 2011 blog hop. Please get back to me by Feb 20.

Ree Donnelly said...

Well, aren't you Lady Luck these days, Elaine!!! YAY for you!! Wootwoot!

The swans are amazingly beautiful... We are lucky to live in the 'boro, don't you think?

Love & hugs to you, my friend...