Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Ahead.. among other things

Today was just a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the 50's, and the snow is finally all melted and gone in the yard. Yeah!!!!! There are still some piles of snow around from where the plows pushed big piles after the winter storms and it will probably be awhile for those big piles to melt. My daffodils near the kitchen steps foundation are now about 5 inches high. Can't wait for them to bloom. Is spring really just around the corner? I sure hope so.

Today, since it was such a lovely day, I took a friend and we went for a ride to a few craft stores. In our travels I found a small quilt shop that was having a 20% off sale as it is going out of business. I didn't buy much, though.  It is so sad to see small businesses closing their doors. At Michaels, I picked up a few beads. Like I really needed anymore beads, but hey, they were half price and I couldn't resist. :-)

While we are sleeping tonight, the time changes...spring ahead 1 hour, and so the clocks will all need to be adjusted, and I always do that before heading off to bed. I hate when the time changes, as it takes me several weeks to get adjusted. I wish time time just stayed the same all year long, not going ahead and back. How about you, do you like the when the time changes?

Tom, showed me this cartoon that was in last nights newspaper, and I thought it was really funny. It could be me looking out that living room window at the bird feeder telling that to Tom. Maybe, I got such a laugh was because all winter 8 fat squirrels found a way to eat in my supposedly squirrel proof feeders.
comic strip squirrels

Oh, I have mentioned before that I have been feeding a stray kitty. We hadn't seen the stray kitty that I have been feeding since last spring for several days, and then the last few days, kitty was back and has been coming closer and closer to us. It even runs when I call kitty, kitty. In fact, she is now standing on her hind legs looking into the house thru our glass kitchen storm door and also the kitchens back sliding door. This morning stray kitty almost was brave enough to come into the house. She got her front paws and half of her body into the kitchen, before she chickened out and ran back out the door that I had left open part way. Hopefully I will be able to get her to come inside soon. Then I can get kitty to the vet to have her/him spayed or neutered.
Well, that's it for today...hope you have a wonderful weekend. elaine signature3

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