Sunday, March 6, 2011

Small decorative fabric collage quilties

I was up really early this morning. I just couldn't sleep.  I started digging in one of my fabric bins, and decided I would make a few more little decorative fabric quilts.
I didn't take time to iron my finished pieces, and if they look a little wonky here that is the reason.
My first quilt collage that I did this morning. I cut down a sample Waverly upholstery fabric piece that I bought in Joann's in a mark down bin. I then scanned onto fabric canvas the image of the lady with the doves using my ink jet printer and the photo from the Art to Wear Book's CD that I recently bought. After stitching the canvas to the background fabric I stitched decorative trim around the image.  I added a flower and a small bird. The bird is resin, and I bought it at Michaels. The backing is wool felt.
fabric birdlady quiltie2
My 2nd little fabric collage: I have had the little fairy fussy cut and adhered to heat and bond for I can't tell you how long. I came across her this morning and ironed her onto the lavender fabric. I then stitched around her. Then I stitched a silk flower to the fabric, and  felted some yellow wool roving to the center of the flower. The piece is sewn onto moss colored wool felt for it's backing.
fabric fairy quiltie
3rd fabric collage: Sorry for the horrid photo. Believe me, the finish piece isn't uneven like it looks here. I had an all over printed collage print fabric that I cut out pieces that I really liked. I stitched the black framed Love/Paris floral piece of fabric to the brown speckled fabric and I added a piece of vintage lace. Then that fabric piece was stitched to cranberry colored fabric. It is backed with a piece of wool felt that is a dark red/black blend.
fabric paris quiltie
I may still do a little more tweaking, but for the most part...these are done.

Now, to show you my eye glass case that really didn't turn out how I wanted it to. It is pretty bad. (LOL)
This afternoon I took out the piece of red wool that had started off as a wool skirt that I bought at a Salvation Army store.  A year or so ago, I bought several wool skirts in many colors so I could cut them up to felt. I washed the skirts in hot water in the washing machine, and then dried them in a hot dryer to felt the wool. Some of the wool pieces came out thicker than others. The red wool that I used for my eye glass case isn't very thick. This was my first attempt, and all I can say is I better dig out the book that has embroidery stitches in it, because I haven't done any hand stitching in years, and it really shows in this piece. I am not very happy with it, and may undo the stitches and start over. Anyway, here is my not so wonderful felted eye glass case. Don't laugh too hard.

felted red eyeglass case

It's been a little while since I shared a picture of our little granddaughter, Bella or Bellz as her daddy and mommy call her. Bella turned 9 months old on February 24th.
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Angie Hall Haviland said...

OH WOW, BEAUTIFUL Pieces, Elaine!! Love your Swan photo on your header!!! So pretty

Tammy D said...

Wow absolutely stunning!

Susan said...

Your quilties are lovely and so is Miss Bella!

Barbara said...

Elaine, I was in JoAnn's yesterday looking through those upholstery fabric samples on sale, and gosh, I didn't see anything as neat as yours. Or else, more likely I just don't have the same imaginative eye that you have. I have to start thinking "outside the box" to imagine what can be. Your quilties are lovely!!!