Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Collage 1951

Sometime ago I bought several vintage magazines at a thrift shop that were very inexpensive.  Yesterday while I was again digging thru bags and boxes in my craft room I came across a Woman's Day magazine from 1951.  In the same box was a folded pattern tissue minus the Simplicity package that it was suppose to be in. So, the wheels started turning and I decided to make a fabric themed collage.
First I glued down the glossary of the pattern tissue that was written in 4 languages. Stippled some ink onto the pattern tissue. I then cut out some images from the old Woman's Day magazine. I also had an unfinished piece of vintage crochet and when I saw the crochet article...that worked into the collage perfectly. I had some fabric that looks like a tape measure, and cut out a strip to add to the piece. Along that strip of fabric there were dots to show what colors coordinate with the colors in the fabric. I cut out the numbers 1,9, 5 and since there wasn't another 1,  I cut out a 1 from the number 11 and glued that to my piece.  Applying glue around the edges I added tulle over the collage and then finished it with buttons. Do I have a use for the piece, well no. What will I do with it?? I don't have a clue. I just felt like making it.
Collage 1951

Do you keep everything you make? I have so many pieces, including  jewelry that I haven't used or have no idea what I will do with them. I just enjoy creating.

elaine signature3P.S..Sherri...I don't know why the photo didn't upload the first time. I write my posts on live writer, and the photo was there when I sent the message. I went back and tried again. I am also having problems with responding to comments. I write a note, and blogger accepts it and tells me it's waiting for moderation, but I never find the message to approve it. Does anyone know why that is happening? I have so many problems leaving messages on other blogs too. Sometimes I can leave a comment and other times after numerous tries my comment never goes thru. Very frustrating.


Sherri Auld said...

Elaine, you need to share a picture - I was so looking forward to one at the end. :-) Would love to see this!

Sherri Auld said...

I have never used live writer, just do mine stuff direct in blogger, so I am not sure why the problems. I also have problems leaving comments and get frustrated by that many times.

I love this piece, it is so retro and just yells Father Knows Best to me for some reason. What fun!! Thanks for sharing it.

Sherry Edwards said...

That's a fabulous collage piece Elaine - great theme! I don't usually make things for myself - like you say, what to do with them - LOL. It's fun though that's the main thing!

Hope you resolve your blogger issues. I can see your photo fine.

Diann said...

So very nice, Elaine! Diann