Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a note of warning...about deleting gmail

I sent Barbara Moore an email this morning to find out what happened to her blog...Pineland Patches. I tried visiting her blog this morning and I kept getting this message on blogger.
Blog has been removed. Sorry, the blog at has been removed

 So, this is what Barbara emailed me back and she wanted to let others know so it doesn't happen to anyone else.
Thank goodness you checked in Elaine. I'm devasted here.
Because of a new droid cell phone that requires a gmail account, that acct.
was set up for me at Verizon when I got my new phone. So, silly me, thinking I
didn't need the old gmail account anymore, I deleted it. What a shock to
find that old account was linked to my blog, so of course now my blog is
totally gone.
I've dug on the web a little bit, and this is a common occurence, but
there's not an easy answer. Even if I was successful in reactivating my old
google account and getting my blog back, the photos seem to be gone forever.
So I googled my blog name and found some cached pages which may help remind
me of what's important to re-post and a list of the blogs I follow. But my
Followers and everyone will now get a notice that my blog is gone, and I
have no way of knowing who all of them are.
Would you please post a note on your blog about this with a warning to everyone NEVER to delete that gmail account even if they don't use it or think they need it. If they want to keep their blog, they need it. I just didn't remember that it was necessary to have it from a couple years ago when I set up my blog.
I have a new blog already, but there's nothing in it. However, I'm going to post this and hope everyone will be able to find me again, perhaps with the help of some of my bloggy friends. It's a different name: 
Thanks...this too shall pass! :)

So, if any of you visit my blog that normally follow Barbara...visit her at her new blog address.

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