Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Shrinking...

Well, not really, but this morning I decided to play with shrink plastic. I want to join a swap on one of my yahoo groups using shrink plastic.  With the piece I created this morning, that was the last of my white shrink plastic. Well, maybe not, as I am sure I have more, but where is it hiding in my craft room is the question. At the moment all I can find is the frosted shrink. I just need to keep on digging in boxes and drawers. I am so disorganized...too much stuff, not enough room, but I am guessing I am not alone with this problem.
Front of an inexpensive foam block rubber stamp that I used for this project.
sun rubber stamp front
Below: back side of the rubber stamp
sun rubber stamp back
For those of you who have never used shrink plastic this is how I did my completed pin.
I started by lightly sanding in both directions of the shrink plastic with a sponge nail block front and back sides. Then choose a fairly large rubber stamp that I inked with black memories ink. I quickly passed my heat gun over the ink to set it. I cut out my design, and added some color with colored pencils. Then shrunk the plastic. For the base I cut out a larger piece of shrink plastic, and stippled pigment ink , cut out my shape, and then shrunk it. To the base I used a light coating of diamond glaze or dimensional magic for a gloss, and then sprinkled very lightly some fine glitter, and let dry.  I did the same to the sun ( top piece of shrink) when that piece was dry, I then used foam tape on the back of the sun piece and added it to the base.  Then on the back I glued a pin back.
Finished pin: You really can't see the sparkle in the photo. The finished piece is 2 1/2 inches long.
shrink plastic sun pin
Lots of wonderful projects can be done using shrink plastic. tutorial website
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