Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spot of Color

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was warm and sunny, but very windy. Today, it is again very windy, gray, cold and cloudy, but when I went out this morning, what did I see by the foundation near my kitchen steps, an oh so welcome sight. Bright spots of color. Yes, my favorite little daffodils. My Tete Tete's decided to open up. My son, Steven gave me these daffodils for Easter many years ago. After the plant finished blooming, and the leaves had died back, I planted the bulbs near the foundation by the  kitchen steps. The spot where I planted the bulbs gets a lot of morning sun and because the bulbs are near the foundation the soil is always warmer, and these daffodils are always the first to bloom in my yard.  Yesterday I noticed that the buds on the plant were swollen, but they weren't open. I have some more Tete Tete daffodil plants that the buds are just starting to show some color, but aren't quite open yet.  The rest of the daffodils in the back and side yards are just breaking ground. I just love daffodils, don't you?  But, to have them open up and flower on the eve of the first day of spring really brought a smile to my face. We have endured a long, cold, hard winter.
daffodils tete tete3.19.2011 daffodils closeup 1st. 3.19.11
Tonight there will be a worm moon (a super full moon that is bigger and brighter). I will have to remember to look out around 7:15 p.m. when the moon will be at it's biggest and brightest. Read about the Worm Moon or do a google search as there are many sources on the internet.
When I looked out this morning there was a flock of robins in the backyard. We do have some robins that winter over in our area, but this was a big flock. I have also seen large flocks of red wing blackbirds and grackles. Another sure sign that spring is coming. 
I didn't do any crafty projects today, but my daughter in law, Robin, who is a Creative Memories consultant, is having a crop tonight. So, I am going and hopefully I will get some more  scrapbook pages done in my Florida book.
Had to add this photo 3/21/2011...taken Monday afternoon. What a difference  two days make. It started snowing around noon today and it is a wet snow. The snow is starting to accumulate now.
daffodils 2011 in the snow
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Susan said...

Beautiful daffodils. I've always loved these flowers- maybe because they were the first of spring.

Barbara said...

Wow, I live further south and haven't seen anything like your daffodils! Thanks for the photo, it helps me to know they are coming.