Friday, November 25, 2011

12 Days Christmas Swap

12 days 2011 all gift envelope3 my 11 handmade card stock gift envelope pouches with decorative stitching to hold my handmade gift.

12 days 2011 gift envelope1 close up

12 days 2011 gift envelope2 close up

I signed up again this year in the yahoo art group, An Affair with Art for the annual 12 days of Christmas swap. The due date to mail out our small gifts is today and I in between shopping I stopped at the post office to mail them out.

I can't share with you what I made as my gift yet, or it will spoil the surprise for any in my group that reads my blog.  I was assigned the 8th day and I will post photos after that. I created and changed my mind several times before settling on the gifts that I am mailing out.  Talk about indecision or can't make up one's mind. Yikes!

There were enough sign ups to make up 3 groups of 12 for this popular swap, and I am in group 3. I will receive packages from 11 gals in my assigned group, and we start opening our daily gifts on December 13th.  I created my own card stock gift pouch/packages, and while I had the sewing machine out  I used a decorative stitches on the little pouches. For a closure, I used round Velcro pieces. Then I  added a decorative embellishment to the pouches and little day 8 tags.

Black girlfriend, Betty Ann called me before 4 a.m. to see if I was up. Betty Ann got to my house around 4:15 and we were off.  We headed to Wareham to Walmart for our first stop, and we both got a 40 inch TV for $248.

We did quite a bit of shopping, and then headed to J.C. Penney, Michaels, and Target. Stopped to get a coffee and then headed to my house to drop off my stuff, and then to her house to unload.

Next, we headed to Raynham/Taunton...hit several stores, and then went to Bridgewater and our last stop was to Halifax. 12 hours later I am home and exhausted, as I didn't sleep well last night.  Now, to have a quick bite to eat, and I'm heading to bed to watch TV, and I am sure I will be watching TV thru my closed eyelids. :-)

If you hit the stores today I hope you found as many bargains as we did.

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